Bond Dissociation Energies of Common Alkanes

Alkanes are organic compounds that have only singly bonded carbon to carbon atoms. For example – Methane, Ethane is Alkanes as these only have carbon atoms linked with each other via single bonds.
In this article, I’ve put together Bond Dissociation Energies of some bonds in well-known Alkanes. Just on a side note – Bond Dissociation Energy is the amount of energy needed for breaking up a bond.

Name of AlkaneName of Bond in AlkaneChemical FormulaBond Dissociation Energy
MethaneCarbon – Hydrogen bondCH3 H438 kJ per mol
EthaneCarbon – Hydrogen bondCH3CH2 H422 kJ per mol
PropaneCarbon – Hydrogen bondCH3CH2CH2 H422 kJ per mol
Iso-propaneCarbon – Hydrogen bond(CH3)2CH H410 kJ per mol
ButaneCarbon – Hydrogen bond(CH3)3C H401 kJ per mol
EthaneCarbon-Carbon bondCH3 CH3368 kJ per mol
PropaneCarbon-Carbon bondCH3CH2 CH3356 kJ per mol
ButaneCarbon-Carbon bond(CH3)2CH CH3351 kJ per mol
PentaneCarbon-Carbon bond(CH3)2C CH3335 kJ per mol

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