1 February 2021 Current Affairs

Which State ranked first in the India Justice Report 2020?


Which state ranked  first among the small states in the India Justice Report 2020?


Which region is home to 428 species of birds, as per the recent data ZSI?


Which state has collaborated with UNICEF for launching a GIS-Based dashboard for the Teacher Education Institute?


Which state launched its own  bottled drinking water under the brand name ‘Mission Bhagirath’?


Which state will provide Free Books to scheduled college students?


Who has been appointed as the new CEO of Ayushman Bharat?

RS Sharma

Microsoft has opened its new  India Development Center  (IDC) facilities in which city?


Which domestic tournament will not be organized by BCCI for the first time?

Ranji Trophy

India has inked ‘Year of the Environment’ partnership with which country for the year 2021?


Delhi AIIMS has prepared Allopathy and Ayurvedic Medicine for control which disease?


Justice Sunil Kumar Awasthi has resigned from the post of Judge of which state High court?

Madhya Pradesh

Father of Instant Noodles died recently. What is her name?

Nunak Noorani

Shaibal Gupta recently passed away was related to which profession?


Who has been appointed as the new President of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC)?

Jay Shah

North India’s first Dog Park has been opened in ?


On which Day, World Leprosy Eradication Day is Observed?

31 Jan

Who has set the new national U-20 record in the 10000 m race walk?

Amit Khatri

Upendra Prasad Singh has been appointed as the new Ministry of which state?

Ministry of Textiles

The School of Public  Health has been launched by which state?

31 Jan

Which state is all set to launch the three tower “Gender Park“?


Which Mobile brand has launched the Shiksha Har Haath initiative for poor students?

Xiaomi India

Cloris Leachman has  passed away recently. She was related to which profession?


India’s first Igloo cafe has been Built in which State/UT?

Uttar Pradesh

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