1 June 2021 Current Affairs

Saline Gargle RT-PCR approved by which organisation?


A Book titled “Languages of Truth:Essays 2003-2020” authored by which writer ?

Salman Rushdie

Global Parents day is observed on which date?

1 June

Who has won the “Belgrade open title 2021”?

Novak Djokovic

Which country has decided to end the two child policy?


Mount Nyiragongo Erupts in which country?


How long has Poland announced to stop coal production?


World No Tobacco Day is observed on which date?

31 May

Recently, who has been given additional charge as director general of National Investigation Agency(NIA)?

Kuldeep Singh

In which place, India’s largest Reclining Buddha state will be installed?


Who has become the head of “Emergency Management Plan Group” to tackle COVID situations in the country?

V K Paul

Who has become the new interim president of Mali?

Assimi Goita

Which state government announced Rs.5 lakh fixed deposit for children who lost parents while COVID?


How much amount has been granted to Madhya Pradesh under jal jeevan mission to central government?

Rs. 5117 cr

Which Ministry has launched four new helpline numbers to help people amid the second wave of COVID-19?

Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Who launched the world’s first nano urea liquid fertiliser?


Which state government has passed an order to set up one skill development university and 30 skill development colleges?

Andhra Pradesh

PM Modi announced _____ ,free education, other benefits of kids who lost parents to COVID?

Rs 10 Lakh

Who became the oldest American to climb the world’s highest peak Mt.Everest at 8,848.86 metres?

Arthur Muir

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