14 April 2021 Current Affairs

Which has become the 3rd COVID-19 vaccine to receive Emergency use approval in India?

Sputnik V

Who has been appointed as the Chief Election Commissioner?

Susil Chandra

Which IPL team has become the third team to win 100 matches in IPL?


“Aahar Kranti” mission has been launched by which Union Minister?

Harsh Vardhan

Hollywood film “Nomadland” won how many awards at the “BAFTA Film Awards 2021”?

4 Awards

Which Indian film producer has been conferred with “Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters”?

Guneet Monga

What is India’s estimated GDP growth rate in FY22 as per “Nomura”?


Which payments bank has launched their new “Rewards123” saving account?


Who has resigned as the chairperson of the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival?

Deepika Padukone

Which Indian-origin businessman was honored with top civilian award in UAE?

Yusuff Ali

Who has announced the launch of “Mentor Connect” Programme?

Amazon India

Who has launched the “75 series Pension Awareness”?

Jitendra Singh

The Supreme Court has given the right to be free to choose any religion after how old?

18 years

Who was appointed as the acting Chief Justice of “Allahabad High Court”?

Sanjay Yadav

The Central government has banned the export of which medical drug?


Who has been awarded by the Golden Globe Honors Foundation?

Akshay Kumar

Where was the 3000-year-old town Rise of Aten city discovered?


As per the report, What percentage of loans have been given to Woman Entrepreneurs under PMMY?


Which space agency is planning to launch the world’s 1st all-civilian Earth Orbiter Mission?


Which country has named Noura-aI-Matroushi as its first female Astronaut?


The International Day of Human Space Flight is observed on which date?

April 12

In which country L&T will set up the 1.5 Giga Watt Sudair solar PV project?

Saudi Arabia

Which country has carried out a freedom of navigation operation in India’s Exclusive Economic Zone?


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