15 February 2021 Current Affairs

Who has announced her candidacy to be its next Secretary-General of the UN?

Akansha Arora

Which state police has launched ‘Hamari Suraksha: Mobile Hath, 1090 Saath’?

Uttar Pradesh

Which state’s forest department has banned the wearing of Monal Bird’s crest on the cap?

Himachal Pradesh

Which state signed an agreement with Flipkart to promote Wooden toys and local Handicraft?


Which actress’s memoir ‘Unfinished’ has been launched recently?

Priyanka Chopra

Pulgoru Venkata, appointed as the Chief Justice of the High Court of which state?


Pushpa Virendra Ganediwala, appointed as Additional Judge of which High Court?

Bombay H.C.

Which country has organized the multinational maritime exercise ‘Aman’?


Which country’s army has successfully tested the ‘Babur’ cruise missile?


ISRO has opened its UR Rao Satellite Centre in which city?


Sujan Singh Pathania passed away. He was a veteran MLA of Which party?


Exim Bank has announced to give $400 million to which country?


Who has recently passed the Jammu and Kashmir Re-organization Amendment Bill?

Lok Sabha

Who has been appointed the new MD & CEO of Tata Motors?

Mark Listonella

Who is set to become the next DG of the International Solar Alliance (ISA)?

Ajay Mathur

Who is the Prime Minister of Italy right now?

Mario Draghi

Who has inaugurated India’s first CNG tractor?

Nitin Gadkari

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