17 February 2021 Current Affairs

A Mobile application “Snakepedia” has launched in which state?


Maharaja Suhledev Memorial will be set up in which state?

Uttar Pradesh

Which state/UT has launched the “Zero Covid by Feb28” campaign?


Which state has launched the “Maa ki Rasoi” scheme to provide food to the poor?

West Bengal

PM Modi laid the foundation stone of the Grand Anicut Canal System in which state?

Tamil Nadu

Which techno-solutions provider has teamed-up with ISRO to take on Google Maps?


How many female scientists have been honored with SERB Women Excellence Award 2021?


Who wrote the book titled, “Mapping Love”?

Ashwiny lyer Tiwari

India will provide how much amount for the restoration of 3 Cultural Heritage Projects in Nepal?

NR. 142 million

“Traffic Crash Injuries and Disabilities: The Burden on Indian Society” released by?

World Bank

The govt. Has choose Bank of Maharashtra, Indian Overseas Bank, Central Bank and which bank to make it a private bank?

Bank of India

Who has become the first female powerlifter of Jammu & Kashmir?

Saima Ubaid

Who has become the first bowler in Test cricket to take 200-wickets against a left-handed batsman?

Ravichandran Ashwin

On which day, International Child Cancer Day is Observed?

15 Feb

Who has been appointed as the Head of New Space Limited (NSIL)?

JI Narayanan

According to a Bloomberg Report,Which Mobile operator has become Asia’s Most Valuable Operator in 2020?

Bharti Airtel

Rajinder  K Pachauri, who recently passed away, was the founder of which Indian Research Institute?

The Energy Resources Institute (TERI)

India’s First Inter-city Electric Bus Services between?


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