17 January 2021 Current Affairs

On which day, World Hindi Diwas is Observed?

10 January

Which country Topped in Henley Passport Index Report 2021?


Which High Court recently ruled that advertisement of any article using the name of any God as illegal?

Bombay High Court

Which state has signed an Mou with Cambridge University to improve English language proficiency?

Andhra Pradesh

The UN Rights Body has elected which country in the First-Ever Presidential Vote?


Indian Armed Forces have celebrated which veteran day on 14th January 2021?


Who has been appointed as the CEO & MD of Aviva India?

Amit Malik

Who has developed India’s first indigenous machine pistol’s ASMI?

Indian Army & DRDO

The IFFI 2021 will celebrate the work of which legendary director?

Satyajit Ray

The CARE lowered the centre’s fiscal deficit projection to how many percent of the GDP for FY21?


Jill Biden has named which Indian-American as her digital director and Michael LaRosa Press secretary?

Garima Verma

The New Zealand women’s cricketer Sophie Devine holds the record for the fastest century in how many balls in T20?


Which organization has introduced the flagship initiative Liberalised MSME AEO Package scheme?


Who has been appointed as the new chairman of the TEPC?

Sandeep Aggarwal

Which state has celebrated the festival of cattle Kanuma?


Which city has been ranked top in the fastest growing technology center in the world?


Which state has won the “Best State” award at the 2nd edition of the Janaagraha City Governance Awards?


Which bank has launched the wellness theme credit card?

YES Bank

Who has become the 1st US President was impacted twice by the US House?

Donald Trump

Who has signed an agreement with the JPCL to take over the Rangit-IV Hydroelectric Project in Sikkim?


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