17 May 2021 Current Affairs

Cyclone Tauktae is likely to hit some Indian State, this name Tauktae is given by Which Country?


The Police of which state has launched a drive called “Mission Hausla” to help people get oxygen, beds and plasma for COVID-19 Patients?


On Which Day, World Hypertension Day is Observed?

17 May

Which state has decided to provide Rs 5,000 to below the poverty line (BPL) families as Covid relief?


Maharashtra Government has Formed a committee under whose chairmanship to study Maratha quota judgement?

Dilip Bhosle

Which E-commerce company has launched “Sanjeevani” to connect COVID-19 patients with potential plasma donors?


48th Chief Justice of India has launched a Mobile Application for which Among the Following for the Court Proceedings?


According to the census, China currently has population of 1.41 billion people. What was the average annual growth rate of China over the last 10 Years?


A real time Digital Flood Reporting and Information Management System (FRIMS) has been launched in which state?


A Giant frog as big as the size of the human body was recently discovered in which country?

Solomon Islands

Which state has announced to give Rs 5000 per month as a pension to children who have lost their parents in this COVID  pandemic?

Madhya Pradesh

S. Balachandran has been Appointed as India’s Next Ambassador to which country?


Recently, Which Company has launched all Electric Motorcycle Brand ‘Livewire’?

Harley Davidson

Which Indian has Won Whitley Award 202 Which is also Called Green Oscar?

Nuklu Phom

The World Health Organization has declared which Indian coronavirus variant as a variant of global concern?


Recently, who has taken charge as First Woman Finance Minister of Assam?

Ajanta Neog

Jupiter ICY Moon Explorer which has recently been tested is the interplanetary spacecraft of which space agency?

European Space Agency

Recently, who has set the world record by conquering Mount Everest twice in the shortest time in a season?

Mingma Tenji Sherpa

Recently, DigiGold has been launched by which Bank?

Airtel Payment Bank

Recently, who became the first state in the country to join the global COVAX  alliance?


Recently, who has been awarded the prestigious Basavashree Award for 2020?

Dr.K Kasturirangan

Which Country is the world’s first to ban all synthetic cannabinoid substances?


Which country’s first Mars Rover ‘Zhu Rong’ has been successfully landed on Mars?


Who has been named as the “People’s Advocate” of the ‘UN Climate Change Conference 2021’?

David Attenborough

Which country’s PM has topped the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders” list for 2021 by Fortune Magazine?

New Zealand

Who has been appointed as the new CEO of “Bata India”?

Gunjan Shah

Which state government has announced 25% subsidy for manufacturing of medical equipment?

Uttar Pradesh

Who has become first Indian origin fighter to win ‘Heavy weight World Champion MMA Title’?

Arjan Bhullar

Women’s Rugby World Cup 2022 will be held in which country?

New Zealand

Recently, by which name has GoAir rebranded itself?

Go First

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