19 June 2021 Current Affairs

Who will be the new Chairman of Microsoft?

Which bank will be providing a $484 million loan for Chennai-Kanyakumari Industrial Corridor?


Who has approved “Deep Ocean Mission” to tap vast marine living and no-living resources?

PM Narendra Modi

2021 NATO Summit was held at _______.


Which new variant of COVID-19 has been recently found in 29 countries?


Which Indian female wrestler has clinched the Gold Medal at the Poland Open?

Vineesh Phogat

Which project has been launched by the Government of India for meeting Medical Oxygen Demand?

Project O2 for India

Which Indian has been appointed as an honorary member of WHO’s Technical Advisory Group?

Mukesh Sharma

Which ocean has been named as the World’s 5th Largest Ocean by National Geographic Magazine?

Southern Ocean

“Operation Olive” is being conducted by the Indian Coast Guard for conserving _______.

Olive Ridley Turtles

Which country will become the 1st Mask-Free Country in the World during the pandemic?


What is the theme of “Desertification and Drought Day 2021“?

Restoration, Land and Recovery. We build back better with healthy land

China has recently sent how many astronauts to its new space station?

3 Astronauts

Indian Bank has joined hands with which healthcare platform for launching “Employees” Wellness Package?


Who has been elected as the Speaker of Puducherry Assembly?

Embalam Selvam

Defence Ministry has allocated how much amount for iDEX-DIO (Innovations for  Defence Excellence – Defence Innovation Organisation)?

Rs. 498.8 crore

Statue of “Colonel B Santosh Babu” has been inaugurated in which state & district?


Recently, Who has launched “Sankalp se Siddhi-Missio Van Dhan“?

Arjun Munda

Which state government is to distribute 50 lakh medicine kit free of cost?

Uttar Pradesh

Which Ministry has launched “Aadi Prashikshan Portal“?

Ministry of Tribal Affairs

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