19 March 2021 Current Affairs

Which city is the most polluted capital city as per the “World Air Quality 2020 report”?

New Delhi

Who becomes the World’s Biggest Wealth Gainer as per the Bloomberg Billionaires Index?

Gautam Adani

As per the SIPRI report, India’s import of arms has decreased by what percentage?


Which state will set up “100 Nursery Sports Academies” for Children?


Who will be head in the recently formed experts committee for “Startup India Seed Fund Scheme”?

H K Mittal

Which institute has become the World’s First to achieve 100% success in catching Cushing’s Syndrome?


Which state/UT has highest percentage of area covered under micro-irrigation as per MoAFW?


Who has been appointed as the new Director General of “National Security Guards”?

M A Ganapathy

Who has been appointed as the new Director General of “CRPF”?

Kuldeep Singh

What is the deadline set by the RBI for all bank’s branches to implement the image-based CTS?

30th Sep 2021

Reserve Bank of India has imposed Rs 2 crore fine on which bank?


Former Union Minister Dilip Gandhi passed away, He was associated with which party?


ICC  bans which country’s cricketer Mohammad  Naveed & Shaiman Anwar from all cricket for 8-years?


Recently, India commissioned which Nuclear Missile Tracking Vessel?

INS Dhruv

Mouded Ahmed, who has passed away recently, was the former Prime Minister of which country?


What is the most polluted city in the world, according to the IQAir 2020 World Air Quality Report?


Former Union Minister and BJP Leader Dilip Gandhi has passed away. He was 3 time Lok Sabha MP from which constituency?


The Sports Minister and the President of Inter-Parliamentary Union have held a meeting to discuss various issues, especially in the field of Youth Affairs and Sports. Who is the President of IPU?

Duarte Pacheco

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