20 May 2021 Current Affairs

Which Country has recently built its most powerful Supercomputer “Simorgh“?


Which State government launched “COVID HIT App”?


In which country is the Faraz-B-Gas Field, the giant gas egg that has been in the news recently?


Where  is India’s First Agri-Export Facilitation Center started?


Who has been appointed as the Prime Minister of the West Africa country of Mali?

Mocter Owen

Which team has won the title of ‘FA cup football tournament 2020-21’ for the first time in the history of 137 years?

Leicester City

On the death of a person from Covid-19, how many rupees compensation has been announced by the Government of Delhi to his family?

Rs 50,000

Who became the first Indian-origin mixed material arts fighter by winning the heavyweight world champion at the Singapore Forest Championship?

Arjan Singh Bhullar

Which organised   quoted that ‘World is at risk of Vaccine Apartheid?


Which state government is going to set up 48 oxygen generation plants?


Which state government has launched ‘MOMA Market’?


Tribal Affairs Minister has signed a MoU with which IT Company to do Digital transformation of tribal schools?


Which company has developed the world’s first private digital court under the private justice system?

Jupitice Justice Technologies

Who has become the India Women to Summit ‘Mount Pumori’?

Gunbala Sharma, Baljeet Kaur

Who has launched the “2-DG” anti covid drug recently?

Rajnatah Singh

We have observed ‘International Museum Day’ on which date?

18 May

Recently, the Finance Minister has allocated how much amount for Panchayati Raj Local governing bodies?

Rs 8924

Which state government will provide Rs 3000 to each auto driver & construction worker?


Who has become Suzuki Motorcycle India’s new Company Head?

Satoshi Uchida

Who has been appointed asPeople’s advocate of COP26 for climate change?

David Attenborough

Matyaskara Bharosa” is a scheme of which state?

Andhra Pradesh

Which former Union Minister, who served as a minister of state in the Minister of Defence, Minister of Food Processing Industries and Minister of Civil Aviation, passed away recently?

Chaman Lal Gupta

According to the Ministry of Environment, how many elephants died due to train cutting across India between 2009-10 and 2020-21?


When is World AIDS Vaccine Day celebrated?

18 May

Which state government has started the ambitious “Medicine from the sky” the first of its-kind project involving delivery of medicines through multiple drones?


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