22 February 2021 Current affairs

Who has launched the “Intensified Mission Indra Dhanush 3.0”?

Harsh Vardhan

Recently, Indian Navy conducted a Bilateral Military Exercise “PASSEX” with which country’s navy?


Which state govt. Inaugurated the Centre for Perishable Cargo at the LGBI Airport?


Where was the first public toilet set up for transgender people in Uttar Pradesh?


Who inaugurated the Atal Paryavaran Bhavan at Lakshadweep?

Prakash Javedkar

Which organization has received the Asia Environmental Enforcement Award-2020?


Which campaign has been launched by the central government to ensure energy security?

Go Electric

How many cities have been selected for “Nurturing Neighborhoods Challenge”?

25 cities

Who became the Principal Director-General All India Radio News?

Venudhar Reddy

India will build how many secondary schools in Nepal?

6 schools

Who has been appointed as the Under-Secretary General and Associate Administrator of UNDP?

Usha Rao Monari

Common Research and Technology Development Hub has inaugurated by Harsh Vardhan at _______.

CDRI, Lucknow

Who wrote the biography of Kamala Harris titled, “Kamala’s Way”?

Dan Morain

Who has lifted the Australian Open 2021 Tennsi title?

Novak Djokovic

India has signed agreements related to visa facilitation and leather technology with which country?


On which date the World Thinking Day is being observed?

22 February

The India and Indonesia navies recently held their Passage Exercise (PASSEX) in which region?

Arabian Sea

As per S&K Global Ratings, what are the GDP growth projections of India in fiscal 2021-22?


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