23 February 2021 Current affairs

Which state Government sanctions Rs. 9 crore to build 48 “Smart” Anganwadis?


Which state government has approved the implementation of Mission “Lal Lakir” for villagers?


Which state’s CM, has inaugurated the chariot in a temple?

Andhra Pradesh

Which state’s CM, Laid the foundation of Eastern India’s First Skill University?


In which city, the transgender desk will be set up for complaints of transgender?


Venkaiah Naidu inaugurated the “Pediatric Rare Genetics Laboratory” in which city?


India has signed agreements with which country for visa facilitation and leather technology?


India signed 5 pacts with which country to boost infrastructure?


Who has appointed as the MD & Executive Vice president of International Finance Corporation?

Makhtar Diop

Prabha Varma won Mahakavi Kunchan Nambiar Award 2021 for contributions to which language and literature?


Who won the Best Actor Award at the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival 2021?

Akshay Kumar

Where will Inaugurated India’s first Centralized AC Railway Terminal?


Who won the Women’s Singles title at the Australian Open 2021?

Naomi Osaka

PM Modi has inaugurated the 50 MW Kasaragod Solar Power Project in which state?


What is the theme of World Thinking Day 2021?


The External Affairs Minister has handed over 1 lakh additional doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and offered a line of credit. What amount of LoC has been offered by India for the same?


The Government of India has inked a pact with which country to set up a Centre of Excellence on Hydrogen?


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