29 January 2021 Current Affairs

Where has been started the “First Boat Library”?


Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu inaugurates Jayalalithaa Memorial in which city?


Justice Sanjay Kumar has been appointed as the new Chief Justice of which state High court?


International Banking Unit of HSBC has been inaugurated in which state?


Which state has announced an annual award for women in the name of Dakshinayana Velayudhan?


Where has been started the annual “Adivasi Mela”?


Who recently received the posthumous Mahabir Chakra Award?

B. Santish Babu

Which bank has been sanctioned by the UAE Central Bank for violating anti-money laundering law?

Bank of Baroda

18-year-old Manija Tahori has become the first woman breakdancer of which country?


Who has become the 1st Woman Treasury Secretary of the United State of America?

Janet Yellen

Which cricketer has become the first foreign player to earn 100 crores rupees from IPL?

AB de Villiers

India has pleased how much amount for the UN Peacebuilding fund this year?

USD 150,000

Which state won the National Award for Best Electoral Practices 2020?


The Finance Minister has released how much amount to the states for providing grants to Rural Local Bodies?

Rs 12,351.5 cr

WHO has collaborated with which company to distribute Covid vaccines under the Covax alliance?


What is the rank of India in the Global Climate Risk Index 2021?


Which film has won the award for Best Film in the 51st IFFI in goa?

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