29 May 2021 Current Affairs

Who will receive the International ENI Award 2020?

C.N.R. Rao

International Day of Action for Women’s Health Day” is observed on which date?

28 May

Which Bank has collaborated with NTPC to link it’s ‘Pockets’ digital wallet to the UPI?


TRIFED partnership with which to implement the Van Dhan Yojana?

NITI Aayog

Who launches SeHAT OPD portal?

Rajnath Singh

Which State CM launches the MHIM Mobile application?


When is World Hunger day Celebrated?

28 May

The International Finance Services centres Authority has constituted an expert committee on Investment funds. Who is the Chairperson of this committee?

Nilesh Shah

Which hospital will roll out Sputnik-V COVID vaccine at Rs 1,195?


Gol has approved financial assistance to how many journalists who died due to COVID-19?

67 Families

Recently, Who has been elected as the President of Syria?

Bashar AL-Assad

Who has become the first female president of the world’s largest Museum in France, ‘The Louvre’?

Laurence Des Cars

UN Bodies has  set up which panel  to advise on ‘Animal Disease Risk’?

One Health

Who has won the Rudolf Schindler Award for 2021?

D Nageshwar Reddy

What is the price of DRDO’s anti Covid-19 drug, ‘2-DG’?

Rs. 990

Who has become the first Indian Actor to get ‘UAE’s Golden Visa’?

Sanjay Dutt

We have observed which Birth Anniversary of “V. D. Savarkar” this year?


Who is the author of Book “The Spiritual CEO“?

S Prakash

On which day, World Menstrual Hygiene day is observed?

28 May

Which country has recently passed the “Port City Bill”?

Sri Lanka

Recently, which country will ‘Herone Long Endurance Drone’ be imported into India?


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