3 May 2021 Current Affairs

Indian coast guard rescued missing Tamil Nadu fishing boat named as what?

  • Mercedes
  • Anveshika
  • Rider
  • Racer

Mercedes named boat have been rescued by Indian coast guard in Tamil Nadu. This boat was missing from April 24, there were 11 fisherman on board this boat. But now fortunately this boat have arrived safely to Thengapattanam in Tamil Nadu with help of Indian Coast Guard.

Which country has cancelled construction of border wall with Mexico that were being built using military funds?

  • Mexico
  • USA
  • France
  • Chile

USA has stopped building a border wall with Mexico, earlier President Trump have ordered to build a wall between Southern Boarder of USA and Mexico to prevent illegal people coming to USA. But now President Biden have ordered to stop construction of this wall.

Which organisation has sent 3,000 oxygen concentrators to help India?

  • UNGA
  • WHO

UNICEF (United Nations Children Fund) have arranged 3000 oxygen concentrators to India, so as to help India to battle against COVID-19 and to cope up with oxygen shortage across states like Delhi, UP and Madhya Pradesh.

Which IIT has recently transformed an existing Nitrogen plant into an oxygen generator?

  • IIT Delhi
  • IIT Guwahati
  • IIT Kharagpur
  • IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay recently have demonstrated a model for converting a Nitrogen Plant to Oxygen Generator. In India, different industries use Nitrogen Plants in their factories so as to produce Nitrogen Gas for their operations. But now Government want all these Industrial Nitrogen Plants to produce Oxygen to fulfill country’s current demand of Oxygen. In order to help Government in this initiative, Dean R & D at IIT Bombay Professor Milind Atrey started a project for converting existing industrial nitrogen plants to Oxygen Generators. This project was done by IIT Bombay in collaboration with Tata Consulting Engineers, Spantech Engineers companies.

Which country’s festival ‘Lag B’Omer’ has recently lost 44 people?

  • Italy
  • New Zealand
  • Bolivia
  • Israel

Israel have lost 44 people in a Stampede which happened during festival ‘Lag B’Omer‘. Not only that almost 150 people were also seriously injured during this stampede.
In order to learn more about Lag B’Omer Festival See this article – Information about Lag B’Omer Festival in Israel.

Indian Navy has conducted which operation for the shipment of Oxygen filled Containers to India?

  • Ajeya III
  • Mera Bharat
  • Samudra Setu II
  • Naval Help

In order to help crumbling Health System and Shortage of Oxygen across the country, Indian Navy have lauched mission Samudra Setu II which involves
• INS Kolkata, INS Talwar going to Manama, Bahrain for carrying 40 metric tonnes of liquid oxygen to Mumbai
• INS Jalashwa going to Bangkok for bringing in liquid oxygen to India
• INS Airavat going to Singapore for similar operation of bringing in liquid oxygen to India

Which state government has reduced the price of RT-PCR test in private labs?

  • Kerala
  • TamilNadu
  • West Bengal
  • Madhya Pradesh

Kerala have recently reduced price of RT-PCR Test from Rs. 1700 to only Rs. 500, this has happened after two MLAs of the opposition party Congress Shafi Parambil and KS Sabarinathan went to Kerala State High Court seeking a recution in price. Then only current health minister of Kerala KK Shailaja announced that prices of RT-PCR tests would be reduced from Rs. 1700 to 500

Which state government has cancelled the leave of all Medical staff?

  • Jharkhand
  • Bihar
  • Chattisgarh
  • Goa

Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Bihar state government have cancelled the leave of all Medical staff in the state so as to cope up with increased demand of Medical Professionals as number of patients in hospitals spike in the state.

Recently, which bank have reduced home loan interest rates?

  • SBI
  • PNB
  • BOB
  • Yes Bank

SBI (State Bank of India) have slashed Home Loan Interest Rates probably to help crumbling Indian Economy due to COVID Virus. As per press release by SBI from May 1, 2021

  • For a home loan of upto Rs. 30 lakh interest rate will be 6.7%
  • For a home loan between Rs. 30 lakh and Rs. 75 lakh, interest rate will be 6.95%
  • For home loans above Rs. 75 lakh, interest rate will be only 7.05%

Which state government have launched ‘COVID Emergency Loan Scheme’?

  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Haryana
  • Gujarat

Haryana have launched COVID Emergency Loan Scheme for helping businesses which supplies necessary equipment needed against COVID battle. For this specific scheme, Haryana Government have allocated Rs. 500 crore, which will contribute to different businesses and help them to increase their product to COVID related supplies like Masks, COVID PPE, Oxygen Concentrators etc.

Which anniversary of Guru Teg Bahadur Ji is in 2021?

  • 350th
  • 374th
  • 193th
  • 400th


Which country recently became the second country to officially record 4 lakh COVID-19 deaths?

  • Italy
  • USA
  • India
  • Brazil


Which country has announced the creation of the World’s most powerful ‘weather forecast supercomputer’?

  • Britain
  • Japan
  • China
  • America

Britain in collaboration with Microsoft will be building a Supercomputer to accurately/fast measurement of changes in weather so as to predict any possible weather change as soon as possible. This super computer will be operational in 2022 and British Government have allocated 1.2 billion pounds for development of this super computer.

Recently which company have announced emergency assistance of 10 million dollars for India?

  • Boeing
  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Samsung

Boeing an American Plane Manufacturing company have recently announced a Financial Assistance Package for India totaling 10 million dollars. This amount will be given to Indian Government, NGOs to speed up the battle against COVID-19.

When did ‘Shooter Dadi’ Chandro Tomar died?

Shooter Dadi comes from Baghpat village in Uttar Predesh, she was 89 years old. But unfortunately due to COVID-19 she has died on 20 April 2021. She has also won many gun shooting competitions and also a Bollywood movie named “Saand Ki Aankh” is based upon her life story.

Which country have topped in the Chandler Good Government Index 2021?

Finland have topped in the Chandler Good Government Index 2021, in this index India stands at 49th position.

List of Countries ranked in 49th Chandler Good Government Index 2021?


  1. Finland
  2. Switzerland
  3. Singapore
  4. Netherlands
  5. Denmark
  6. Norway
  7. Sweden
  8. Germany
  9. New Zealand
  10. Canada
  11. Ireland
  12. United Kingdom
  13. Austria
  14. Japan
  15. Estonia
  16. Australia
  17. France
  18. United States
  19. Iceland
  20. Belgium

Which country in the world have longest pedestrian bridge?

World’s longest suspended footbridge named Arouca Bridge has been opened in norther Portugal. This bridge is 516 metres long and hangs over 175 metres above the River Paiva.

Which Indian State has decided to appoint Oxygen Nurses to curb wastages of Oxygen in Hospitals?

  • Odisha
  • Haryana
  • Maharashtra
  • Gujarat

Maharashtra have appointed special nurses in COVID-19 Hospitals for stopping the wastage of Oxygen.

John Konrads a famous Swimmer who died recently belongs to which country?

John Konrads belongs to Australia, he died on 25 April 2021 in Sydney at age of 78. He was famously known as Wonder Boy.

According to Brand Finance, what’s the place of LIC in list of Most Valuable Insurance Brands in the World?

As per Brand Finance, LIC is 10th most valuable insurance brand in the world.

Who was Soli Jehangir Sorabjee, who passed aways recently?

Soli Jehangir Sorabjee was Attorney General of India.

Which bank in India have recently launched a Digital Platform called Merchant Stack?

ICICI Bank have recently launched a Digital Platform called Merchant Stack for targeting 2 crore Retail Merchants in the country.

Who is the present Chairperson of National Commission for Women?

Rekha Sharma is present chairperson of National Commission for Women.

RBI recently canceled license of Bhagyodaya Friends Urban Co-operative Bank. This bank is based in which Indian State?

Bhagyodaya Friends Urban Co-operative Bank is based in state of Maharashtra. The license of this bank was canceled as it does not have enough liquid capital to be a Bank.

When is International Labour Day is celebrated in the World?

International Labour Day is celebrated on 1 May, in order to pay tribute to the hard work which labour people do all across the world.

When was 61th foundation day of Maharashtra and Gujarat was celebrated on?

1 May 2021

When is World Tuna Day is celebrated?

On 2nd May

When is World Press Freedom Day is celebrated?

On 3rd May

When is World Laughter Day is celebrated?

On 3rd May

Tata Digital gets CCI nod to acquire 64.3% stake in BigBasket Competition Commission of India (CCI) has approved Tata Digital’s acquisition of 64.3% of BigBasket’s B2B arm Supermarket Grocery Supplies.


  • The commission said Supermarket Grocery Supplies may acquire sole control of Innovative
    Retail Concepts that operates BigBasket’s online retail unit.
  • Chief Executive Officer of Tata Digital – Pratik Pal
  • Founders – Hari Menon, V.S. Sudhakar, Vipul Parekh, Abhinayss Choudhari, V.S. Ramesh

Who is newer chairman of Bajaj Auto from 1 May?

From 1 May, Rahul Bajaj have stepped down and his cousin Niraj Bajaj have joined in as newer chairman of the company.

Which state has hiked ‘Ashirwad Scheme’ assistance from Rs. 21000 to Rs. 51000?

Punjab State

What is the theme of World Press Freedom Day 2021?

Information as a Public Good

Which bank have appointed Amitabh Choudhry as its Managing Director and CEO for next three years?

Axis Bank

Who has been appointed as fourth Deputy Governor of RBI?

T Rabi Sankar has been appointed as fourth Deputy Governor of RBI.
Some details about T Rabi Sankar

  • Education – Diploma in Development Planning from Institute of Economic Growth, Master’s in Science and Statistics from Banaras Hindu University
  • Career – Joined RBI as a research officer in September 1990, in 2020 T Rabi Sankar was appointed as Chairman of Indian Financial Technology & Allied Services (IFTAS). He has been working for RBI at different positions for last 30 years.

List names of current four Deputy Governors of RBI?


  • Michael Patra
  • Mahesh Kumar Jain
  • M. Rajeshwar Rao
  • T Rabi Sankar

Where is Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute located in India?


Debu Chaudhary, who passed away recently was a great exponent of which music instrument?


Bikramjeet Kanwarpal who passed away recently was a well known ………………. ?


KV Anand who passed away recently was associated with which film industry?


Remdesivir Injection is developed by which pharma company?

Gilead Sciences

What was profession of Rohit Sardana, who passed away recently?


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