8 February 2021 current affairs

What is India’s rank in the Innovation Index 2021 by Bloomberg?

50th place

Which state has become the 1st to implement an e-cabinet?

Himachal Pradesh

Which state will give Rs. 3,000 to 7.5 lakh under the Chah Bagicha Dhan Puraskar scheme?


Which state’s cabinet has approved the ‘Chief Minister Water Conservation Programme’?


Where will India’s first ‘Storm Research Training center’ be set up?


In which place, the 3rd “Bangladesh Film Festival 2021” being organized in India?


Which Indian company will develop the world’s first high altitude Pseudo satellite?


Which Bank has launched the ‘FedFirst’ scheme for children?

Federal Bank

Which payment platform decided to stop domestic payments services in India?


Hollywood veteran Oscar winning actor Christopher Plummer has passed away at how old?

91 years

Where is the world’s tallest swing ride Bollywood Skyflyer opened?


Who is the author of the latest Book ‘Beautiful Things’?

Hunter Biden

Which universities, famous historian professor DN Jha, Passed away recently?

Delhi University

Which Ministry approved the construction of the Lakhwar Electricity project in the Yamuna River?

Environment Ministry

How many inches, the world’s smallest Chameleon has been discovered?

1 inch

The International Day of Zero Tolerance for females observed globally on which date?

6 February

Which country has joined hands with India in the field of Renewable Energy?


Which country has successfully test-fired a ‘Ghaznavi Missile’ with Nuclear Capability?


Which state government has announced to set up 500 EV charging points?


Which Ministry of Indian government is organizing the event ‘Udyog Manthan’?

Commerce Ministry

Which country has approved a project to build the world’s first energy island in the North Sea?


Delhi Chief Minister has launched which campaign to promote electric vehicles?

Switch Delhi

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