9 February 2021 Current Affairs

Which Country is Set to Build the World’s Largest Power Plant?

South Korea

Which state signed an MoU with the central government to set up a Science City?


Which state has launched “SAANS” campaign to reduce infant mortality?

Madhya Pradesh

Which state/UT has launched the “Chief Minister Science Talent Examination” scheme?


The Central Government approved the creation of the fifth tiger reserve in which district?

Tamil Nadu

Who launched the ‘Asom Mala’ Project in Sonitpur District of Assam?

Narendra Modi

President Ram Nath Kovind has inaugurated the Gen. Thimayya Museum in which state?


Which state has become the 2nd State to implement reforms in the field of electricity?

Andhra Pradesh

Avalanche/Glacier Burst has recently occurred in which state?


Which biotech company has withdrawn its application for emergency use to treat Covid Patients in India?


Who has been appointed as the Director General of WTO as the first ever female?

Ngozi Okonzo-lweala

How many states have completed the reforms in the “Ease of Doing Business”?


Which army’s commando force ‘Cobra’ has included a team of Women for the first time?


In which city, Prakash Javadekar launched an awareness campaign on Covid 19 vaccination?


Legendary Sportsman, Akhtar Ali passed away. He was associated with which sports?


Who has become first Batsman to score 200 in 100th test?

Joe Root

Which district has topped the ranking of Aspirational Districts released by NITI Aayog in December?


Who has become the first state in India to Implement e-Cabinet?

Himachal Pradesh

Who has been appointed as MD of Google Cloud for India?

Bikram Singh Bedhi

The ISRO is set to launch which country’s observation Amazonia- 1?


Which country has declared the nationalist group ‘Proud Boys’ as a terrorist group?


Which country has approved China’s Sinovac vaccine?


The AMD has found the presence of 1600 tons of lithium in which state?


What was the target Ground Level Credit for agriculture & allied sectors set for 2021-22?

Rs 16.50 Lakh cr

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