Current Affairs for May 2021

Indian coast guard rescued missing Tamil Nadu fishing boat named as what?

  • Mercedes
  • Anveshika
  • Rider
  • Racer

Mercedes named boat have been rescued by Indian coast guard in Tamil Nadu. This boat was missing from April 24, there were 11 fisherman on board this boat. But now fortunately this boat have arrived safely to Thengapattanam in Tamil Nadu with help of Indian Coast Guard.

Which country has cancelled construction of border wall with Mexico that were being built using military funds?

  • Mexico
  • USA
  • France
  • Chile

USA has stopped building a border wall with Mexico, earlier President Trump have ordered to build a wall between Southern Boarder of USA and Mexico to prevent illegal people coming to USA. But now President Biden have ordered to stop construction of this wall.

Which organisation has sent 3,000 oxygen concentrators to help India?

  • UNGA
  • WHO

UNICEF (United Nations Children Fund) have arranged 3000 oxygen concentrators to India, so as to help India to battle against COVID-19 and to cope up with oxygen shortage across states like Delhi, UP and Madhya Pradesh.

Which IIT has recently transformed an existing Nitrogen plant into an oxygen generator?

  • IIT Delhi
  • IIT Guwahati
  • IIT Kharagpur
  • IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay recently have demonstrated a model for converting a Nitrogen Plant to Oxygen Generator. In India, different industries use Nitrogen Plants in their factories so as to produce Nitrogen Gas for their operations. But now Government want all these Industrial Nitrogen Plants to produce Oxygen to fulfill country’s current demand of Oxygen. In order to help Government in this initiative, Dean R & D at IIT Bombay Professor Milind Atrey started a project for converting existing industrial nitrogen plants to Oxygen Generators. This project was done by IIT Bombay in collaboration with Tata Consulting Engineers, Spantech Engineers companies.

Which country’s festival ‘Lag B’Omer’ has recently lost 44 people?

  • Italy
  • New Zealand
  • Bolivia
  • Israel

Israel have lost 44 people in a Stampede which happened during festival ‘Lag B’Omer‘. Not only that almost 150 people were also seriously injured during this stampede.
In order to learn more about Lag B’Omer Festival See this article – Information about Lag B’Omer Festival in Israel.

Indian Navy has conducted which operation for the shipment of Oxygen filled Containers to India?

  • Ajeya III
  • Mera Bharat
  • Samudra Setu II
  • Naval Help

In order to help crumbling Health System and Shortage of Oxygen across the country, Indian Navy have lauched mission Samudra Setu II which involves
• INS Kolkata, INS Talwar going to Manama, Bahrain for carrying 40 metric tonnes of liquid oxygen to Mumbai
• INS Jalashwa going to Bangkok for bringing in liquid oxygen to India
• INS Airavat going to Singapore for similar operation of bringing in liquid oxygen to India

Which state government has reduced the price of RT-PCR test in private labs?

  • Kerala
  • TamilNadu
  • West Bengal
  • Madhya Pradesh

Kerala have recently reduced price of RT-PCR Test from Rs. 1700 to only Rs. 500, this has happened after two MLAs of the opposition party Congress Shafi Parambil and KS Sabarinathan went to Kerala State High Court seeking a recution in price. Then only current health minister of Kerala KK Shailaja announced that prices of RT-PCR tests would be reduced from Rs. 1700 to 500

Which state government has cancelled the leave of all Medical staff?

  • Jharkhand
  • Bihar
  • Chattisgarh
  • Goa

Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Bihar state government have cancelled the leave of all Medical staff in the state so as to cope up with increased demand of Medical Professionals as number of patients in hospitals spike in the state.

Recently, which bank have reduced home loan interest rates?

  • SBI
  • PNB
  • BOB
  • Yes Bank

SBI (State Bank of India) have slashed Home Loan Interest Rates probably to help crumbling Indian Economy due to COVID Virus. As per press release by SBI from May 1, 2021

  • For a home loan of upto Rs. 30 lakh interest rate will be 6.7%
  • For a home loan between Rs. 30 lakh and Rs. 75 lakh, interest rate will be 6.95%
  • For home loans above Rs. 75 lakh, interest rate will be only 7.05%

Which state government have launched ‘COVID Emergency Loan Scheme’?

  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Haryana
  • Gujarat

Haryana have launched COVID Emergency Loan Scheme for helping businesses which supplies necessary equipment needed against COVID battle. For this specific scheme, Haryana Government have allocated Rs. 500 crore, which will contribute to different businesses and help them to increase their product to COVID related supplies like Masks, COVID PPE, Oxygen Concentrators etc.

Which anniversary of Guru Teg Bahadur Ji is in 2021?

  • 350th
  • 374th
  • 193th
  • 400th


Which country recently became the second country to officially record 4 lakh COVID-19 deaths?

  • Italy
  • USA
  • India
  • Brazil


Which country has announced the creation of the World’s most powerful ‘weather forecast supercomputer’?

  • Britain
  • Japan
  • China
  • America

Britain in collaboration with Microsoft will be building a Supercomputer to accurately/fast measurement of changes in weather so as to predict any possible weather change as soon as possible. This super computer will be operational in 2022 and British Government have allocated 1.2 billion pounds for development of this super computer.

Recently which company have announced emergency assistance of 10 million dollars for India?

  • Boeing
  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Samsung

Boeing an American Plane Manufacturing company have recently announced a Financial Assistance Package for India totaling 10 million dollars. This amount will be given to Indian Government, NGOs to speed up the battle against COVID-19.

When did ‘Shooter Dadi’ Chandro Tomar died?

Shooter Dadi comes from Baghpat village in Uttar Predesh, she was 89 years old. But unfortunately due to COVID-19 she has died on 20 April 2021. She has also won many gun shooting competitions and also a Bollywood movie named “Saand Ki Aankh” is based upon her life story.

Which country have topped in the Chandler Good Government Index 2021?

Finland have topped in the Chandler Good Government Index 2021, in this index India stands at 49th position.

List of Countries ranked in 49th Chandler Good Government Index 2021?


  1. Finland
  2. Switzerland
  3. Singapore
  4. Netherlands
  5. Denmark
  6. Norway
  7. Sweden
  8. Germany
  9. New Zealand
  10. Canada
  11. Ireland
  12. United Kingdom
  13. Austria
  14. Japan
  15. Estonia
  16. Australia
  17. France
  18. United States
  19. Iceland
  20. Belgium

Which country in the world have longest pedestrian bridge?

World’s longest suspended footbridge named Arouca Bridge has been opened in norther Portugal. This bridge is 516 metres long and hangs over 175 metres above the River Paiva.

Which Indian State has decided to appoint Oxygen Nurses to curb wastages of Oxygen in Hospitals?

  • Odisha
  • Haryana
  • Maharashtra
  • Gujarat

Maharashtra have appointed special nurses in COVID-19 Hospitals for stopping the wastage of Oxygen.

John Konrads a famous Swimmer who died recently belongs to which country?

John Konrads belongs to Australia, he died on 25 April 2021 in Sydney at age of 78. He was famously known as Wonder Boy.

According to Brand Finance, what’s the place of LIC in list of Most Valuable Insurance Brands in the World?

As per Brand Finance, LIC is 10th most valuable insurance brand in the world.

Who was Soli Jehangir Sorabjee, who passed aways recently?

Soli Jehangir Sorabjee was Attorney General of India.

Which bank in India have recently launched a Digital Platform called Merchant Stack?

ICICI Bank have recently launched a Digital Platform called Merchant Stack for targeting 2 crore Retail Merchants in the country.

Who is the present Chairperson of National Commission for Women?

Rekha Sharma is present chairperson of National Commission for Women.

RBI recently canceled license of Bhagyodaya Friends Urban Co-operative Bank. This bank is based in which Indian State?

Bhagyodaya Friends Urban Co-operative Bank is based in state of Maharashtra. The license of this bank was canceled as it does not have enough liquid capital to be a Bank.

When is International Labour Day is celebrated in the World?

International Labour Day is celebrated on 1 May, in order to pay tribute to the hard work which labour people do all across the world.

When was 61th foundation day of Maharashtra and Gujarat was celebrated on?

1 May 2021

When is World Tuna Day is celebrated?

On 2nd May

When is World Press Freedom Day is celebrated?

On 3rd May

When is World Laughter Day is celebrated?

On 3rd May

Tata Digital gets CCI nod to acquire 64.3% stake in BigBasket Competition Commission of India (CCI) has approved Tata Digital’s acquisition of 64.3% of BigBasket’s B2B arm Supermarket Grocery Supplies.


  • The commission said Supermarket Grocery Supplies may acquire sole control of Innovative
    Retail Concepts that operates BigBasket’s online retail unit.
  • Chief Executive Officer of Tata Digital – Pratik Pal
  • Founders – Hari Menon, V.S. Sudhakar, Vipul Parekh, Abhinayss Choudhari, V.S. Ramesh

Who is newer chairman of Bajaj Auto from 1 May?

From 1 May, Rahul Bajaj have stepped down and his cousin Niraj Bajaj have joined in as newer chairman of the company.

Which state has hiked ‘Ashirwad Scheme’ assistance from Rs. 21000 to Rs. 51000?

Punjab State

What is the theme of World Press Freedom Day 2021?

Information as a Public Good

Which bank have appointed Amitabh Choudhry as its Managing Director and CEO for next three years?

Axis Bank

Who has been appointed as fourth Deputy Governor of RBI?

T Rabi Sankar has been appointed as fourth Deputy Governor of RBI.
Some details about T Rabi Sankar

  • Education – Diploma in Development Planning from Institute of Economic Growth, Master’s in Science and Statistics from Banaras Hindu University
  • Career – Joined RBI as a research officer in September 1990, in 2020 T Rabi Sankar was appointed as Chairman of Indian Financial Technology & Allied Services (IFTAS). He has been working for RBI at different positions for last 30 years.

List names of current four Deputy Governors of RBI?


  • Michael Patra
  • Mahesh Kumar Jain
  • M. Rajeshwar Rao
  • T Rabi Sankar

Where is Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute located in India?


Debu Chaudhary, who passed away recently was a great exponent of which music instrument?


Bikramjeet Kanwarpal who passed away recently was a well known ………………. ?


KV Anand who passed away recently was associated with which film industry?


Remdesivir Injection is developed by which pharma company?

Gilead Sciences

What was profession of Rohit Sardana, who passed away recently?


First country to approve Driver Less or Self Driving cars?

UK have allowed Self Driving cars on its roads, this new rule will come into affect from end of 2021.

Which country have designated TPLF, OLF-Shene as Terrorist groups?

  • Ethiopia
  • Iran
  • Siria
  • Bangladesh

Ethiopia has added two armed groups to its “terror list”, including the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), against which it launched a massive security operation late last year.

Who won Portuguese Grand Prix formula one race?

Lewis Hamilton

Which vaccine has been authorised by WHO for emergency use in COVID case?


United States has given its approval for the sale of how many ‘P-8I aircraft’ to India?

  • 10
  • 3
  • 6
  • 9

6, these six new P-8I Aircrafts will cost around $2.42 billion dollars to India. Moreover India have already a fleet of these planes and these new 6 will further increase that fleet.

Some Information about P-8I

  • Its an Indian variant of P-8s Aircraft designed and made by Boeing
  • These aircrafts have eight Multifunctional Information Distribution System-Joint Tactical Radio Systems 5
  • These aircrafts have 42 AN/AAR-54 Missile Warning Sensors
  • These aircrafts have 14 LN-251 with Embedded Global Positioning Systems/Inertial Navigations Systems

G7 Foreign and Development Minister’s meeting is going to be held in which period?

  • 1-4 May
  • 2-6 May
  • 3-6 May
  • 4-7 May

3-6 May

Which COVID vaccine organisation has donated medicines worth $70million to India?

Pfizer have donated $70million worth of medicines to India so as to help country to fight battle against COVID-19.

Below is Statement of Albert Bourla chairman and chief executive officer of Pfizer about this =>
These medicines, valued at more than $70 million, will be made available immediately, and we will work closely with the government and our NGO partners to get them to where they are needed most. This effort, in combination with Pfizer foundation funding that supports humanitarian organisations providing essential and life-saving equipment to India, such as ventilators, oxygen concentrators, and consumables, is our most comprehensive humanitarian relief response ever.

India has secured which rank in ICC T20 ranking recently?

India has secured Second rank in ICC T20 ranking.

2021 ICC T20 Rankings?


3New Zealand2636048
6South Africa2484703
8Sri Lanka2272957
10West Indies2223992

Which Bank has donated Rs. 70 crore while COVID pandemic 2021?

SBI has allocated Rs 71 crore to support various initiatives in combating Covid-19 and is in talks with various designated authorities to explore partnerships for setting up makeshift hospitals.

This money will be used for

  • Setting up 1000 Hospital Beds
  • Setting up 250 ICU Facilities
  • Setting up 1000 bed isolation facilities

Which state government will provide 2 Lakh tap water connections by 2022?

Himachal Pradesh under Jal Jeevan Mission will construct new 2 lakh water taps by 2022 making Himachal Pradesh a Har Ghar Jal State.
Here is some information about Press Release by Himachal Pradesh Government => “As per the per release, “the State has 17.04 lakh rural households, out of which 13.02 lakh (76.41%) have assured tap water supply. Over 5 lakh tap water connections have been provided and so far 8,458 villages (46.78%) in the State have been declared ‘Har Ghar Jal’, since the announcement of Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) in August 2019– which means every rural household in these villages has tap water supply”.

Indian Army has inaugurated first Green Solar Energy Harnessing Plant in which state?

Indian army have inaugurated first ever Green Solar Harnessing Plant in the state of Sikkim, this plant is located at height of 16000ft. and have a capacity of 56KVA. This project of building a Green Solar Harnessing Plant in Sikkim is done by collaboration between IIT Mumbai and Indian Army, from IIT Mumbai side professor Prakash Ghosh led the project.

Who is appointed as Managing Director of Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance?

Mahesh BalaSubramanian

Recently Pandit Debu Chaudhary passed away, he is well known for which musical instrument?


Some facts Pandit Debu Chaudhuri

  • Padma Bhushan awardee Pandit Devabrata Chaudhuri was considered a leading name among sitar players. As one of the leading proponents of the Senia Gharana, his demise owing to COVID 19 complications and dementia, is a great loss to the art and music world.
  • His son Prateek Chaudhuri took to Facebook to share the news of his father’s demise. He wrote, “My Father, The Legend of Sitar, Pandit Debu Chaudhuri is no more. He was admitted with Covid along with dementia complications and was put in ICU on ventilator around midnight today (1st May 2021)..after which he suffered a heart attack and could not be revived. In spite of all efforts and prayers he could not be saved. to the World of Sitar and Indian Music. Great loss. In grief Prateek Chaudhuri (myself) Runa Chaudhuri (my wife), Rayana Chaudhuri (my daughter) and Adhiraj Chaudhuri (my son).”
  • Padma Bhushan Pandit Debu Chaudhuri performing at the 36th All India Bhaskar Rao Nritya and Sangeet Sammelan.
  • Pandit Chaudhuri was born in 1935 in Mymensingh (now in Bangladesh), and as a child prodigy, he started playing the sitar from four years of age. His first broadcast was at the age of eighteen at the All India Radio in 1953. He also served as dean and head, Faculty of Music, University of Delhi.
  • Pandit Debu Chaudhuri performed across the world for over six decades, winning several honours, including the Padma Bhushan, the Padma Shri and the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for his contribution in the field of music; Debu Chaudhari (sitting), Prateek Chaudhuri (left) and Ustad Rafiuddin Sabri in Chandigarh.
  • Besides being an ace sitarist, he was also an educationist and author. He is the writer of six books, composer of eight new ragas and numerous musical compositions.

When is Coal Mining Day Celebrated?

Coal Mining Day is celebrated on 4th May every year in order to pay tribute to all hard working coal miners across the globe.

When is World Asthma Day Celebrated?

World Asthma Day is celebrated on 4th May every year for raising awareness about Asthma and improving its care around the world.

What’s theme of World Asthma Day in 2021?

Uncovering Asthma Misconceptions

When is International Firefighter’s Day is celebrated?

International Firefighter’s Day is celebrated on 4th May to recognise and honour sacrifices that firefighter’s make to ensure that their communities and environment are as safe as possible.

How many trillion did the GST record in April 2021?

Rs. 1.41 trillion, this is almost 14% more than GST Collection of last month March 2021.

Breakdown of Rs 1.41 trillion of GST Collection in April 2021

  • CSGT (Central Goods and Services Tax) amounts to Rs 27,837 crore
  • SGST (State Goods and Services Tax) amounts to Rs 35,621 crore
  • IGST (Integrated Goods and Services Tax) amounts to Rs 68,481 crore which includes Rs 29,599 from Imported Goods
  • Cess (Union Territory Goods and Services Tax) is Rs 9,445 crore which includes Rs 981 crore collected from Imported Goods

Which Country’s Geologist have discovered 1.6 billion years old water on Earth?


The first consignment of Russian COVID-19 Vaccine Sputnik-V arrived in which city of India on 1 May 2021?

Almost 150,000 doses of Sputnik-V Vaccine doses came to India from Russia on 1 May 2021. This comes as a helping hand for country amongst its fight against COVID-19.

Who has become new Chief Secretary of Bihar?

Tripurari Sharan

Himachal Pradesh has committed to achieve ‘Har Ghar Jal’ target by which year?

July 2022

Who has been appointed as the 4th Deputy Governor of RBI?

T Rabi Sankar

Which player has won the ‘Portuguese Grand Prix 2021?

Lewis Hamilton
Below is some information about Lewis Hamilton Life.

Birth Date7 Jan 1985
OccupationRacing Driver
ParentsAnthony Hamilton, Carmen Larbalestier
First Tournament Won2007 Canadian Grand Prix
How many Tournaments Won97

Which bank has allocated Rs71 crore to deal with the second wave of Covid-19?

SBI – State Bank of India

Which State government has banned this year’s Chardham Yatra because of Covid-19 Pandemic?

Uttrakhand – Chief Minister of state Tirath Singh said that only priests of four temples would be there to perform rituals and puja.
Earlier Chardham Yatra was expected to start from May 14 2021.

Which Sri Lankan cricketer announced his retirement from international cricket?

Thisara Perera, a Sri Lankan Cricketer have announced his retirement from international cricket. Perera is one of the few players who have hat-trick in both ODIs and T20s. Playing 133 ODIs till date, he scored 1,586 runs at 18.23 and claimed 149 wickets. In T20s, he has got 794 runs and 48 wickets in 66 games.
Some more information about Thisara Perera Achievements See this article by SportsSkeeda – Achievements of Thisara Perera

Who has received the 3rd Highest award of japan “Order of the Rising Sun“?

Shyamala Ganesh – Bengaluru teacher Shyamala Ganesh, the former director of the Japanese Language School, will be conferred the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays. In a press release, Consulate-General of Japan, Bengaluru highlighted Ms. Ganesh’s contribution to the spread of the Japanese language and culture in Karnataka.

Who has been appointed as the acting chairperson of “National Human Rights Commission(NHRC)”?

Prafulla Chandra Pant known as PC Pant has been appointed as acting chairperson of NHRC.

Satyajit Roy’s book “Another Dozen Stories” translated from Bengali to English by whom?

Indrani Majumdar

Which State initiates ‘Parvat Dhara’ Yojana to Rejuvenate Water Resources?

Himachal Pradesh

Who has been appointed as the head of talent search of Delhi Capitals?

Saba Karim

India has got approval to buy ‘P-8I Patrol‘ aircraft from which country?


Assam’s first female IAS officer has passed away. Her name is what?

Parul Debi Das

Which nation is hosting the G7 Foreign Minister Meeting?

United Kingdom is hosting G7 Foreign Ministers Meeting.

Which state/UT has got its 1st covid centre with own oxygen plant?


Who will take oath as Chief Minister of West Bengal for the third time on May 5,2021?

Mamata Banerjee

Union Government has slashed the integrated GST rate on imported oxygen concentrators from 28% to
what percent?


All-rounder Thisara Perera Announces Retirement from Cricket. He Played for which Country?


Which ministry will organize a year-long celebration to mark the 100th birth anniversary of the legendary
filmmaker Satyajit Ray?

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Some information about Satyajit Ray

Born2 May 1921
Birth PlaceCalcutta, Bengal Presidency, British India
EducationPresidency College(Bachelor’s of Arts)
Visva-Bharati University(Master’s of Arts)
SpouseBijoya Ray
ChildrenSandip Ray
Parents Sukumar Ray (father)
Suprabha Ray (mother)
AwardsList of awards given to Satyajit Ray

Which Country has launched the “Multiscreen” test system to detect the presence of diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B and C, and syphilis simultaneously?


GST revenues touch all-time high of Rs1.41 lakh crore in Which Month?

April 2021

Which Social media platform is to add a fact box feature on users’ timeline to help promote the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination effort?


Which Company has signed a Power Purchase Agreement(PPA) with Solar Energy Corporation of India(SECI) for supplying 540 MegaWatt (MW)?

JSW Renew Energy

Who is appointed as the first woman officer to command a Road Construction Company (RCC)?

Vaishali S Hiwase

Padma Shri Awardee Manas Bihari Verma Passed away. He was associated with which field?

Aeronautical Scientist

Who Launched 60 Starlink Satellites into Orbit for High-Speed Internet on 5th May 2021?


How much cash prize will be given under the newly instituted Satyajit Ray Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Cinema?

10 Lakh Indian Rupees

Which Country recently Joined the “Net Zero Producers Forum” on Climate Change?

Saudi Arabia

Which State launched the first of its “Auro ScholarshipProgramme” for all the students of the state?

For More details about Auro Scholarship Programme see this article by Business Wire India – Minister of Tripura Launched Auro Scholarship Programme.

What is name of The Hindustan Aeronautics Limited’s (HAL) Advanced Light Helicopter, which was successfully
demonstrated recently?

Dhruv MK III

Some information about Dhruv MK III

Who Developed Dhruv MK IIIHelicopter Division of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)
Length with Rotors Turning15.87m
Height with Rotors Turning4.98m
Height to Top of Rotor Head3.93m
Main Rotor Diameter13.2m

Delhi govt has announced to provide how much amount to every Taxi/Auto driver?

Rs. 5000

Indian Air Force has planned to set up a 100-bed COVID-19 care facility in which city?


Who has announced the cancellation of IPL 2021 due to rise of COVID-19 cases?


Who won the World Snooker Championship 2021 and become the 4th time World Champion?

Mark Selby

Some information about Mark Selby

Born19 June 1983
Birth PlaceLeicester, United Kingdom
Age37 Years
Current World Rankings4

As per Goldman Sachs, what is India’s estimated GDP growth rate in FY22?


Aeronautical Scientist Manas Bihari Verma passed away recently. He was hailed from which state?


Which operation has been launched by the Armed Forces to aid anti-COVID-19 efforts?


Which IT firm became the India’s 3rd Largest IT Company?


Which democratic republic announced the end of Ebola virus outbreak recently?


Which state government has converted 25 of its city buses into Ambulances?


Who has been appointed as the new Finance Secretary in place of Ajay Bhushan Pandey?

T V Somanathan

Which bank has emerged as the top arranger of corporate bond deals in 2020-21(FY21)?


Which state govt hiked the financial assistance to Rs.51000 for the beneficiaries of the Ashirwad Scheme?


According to which healthy authority, fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks?

CDC (Centers for Disease Control)

The DRDO has set the target of installing how many Medical Oxygen Plants within 3 months?


India has permitted which state to fly drones for experimental delivery of COVID-19 vaccines?


Who has launched a special Whatsapp helpline number for pregnant women?

NCW( National Commission for Women )

What is the Name of Mahatma Gandhi’s former personal secretary who has passed away recently?

V Kalyanam

The World’s longest Pedestrian suspension bridge opened in which country?


ADB & India sign $10 million loans to support projects for preparation to expand horticulture in which state?

Himachal Pradesh

Jagmohan Malhotra Passed Away, he was the Former Governor of Which Indian State?

Jammu and Kashmir

Nuwan Zoysa banned for 6 years for breaching ICC’s anti-corruption code. He belongs to Which Country?


Who has been conferred UNESCO World Press Freedom Prize 2021?

Maria Ressa

Mamata Banerjee takes oath as West Bengal CM for the __________ consecutive time?


Which of the following has partnered with GOI( Government of India ) to introduce vaccine finder tool on mobile app in India?


Which organisation approved applications of Telecom Service Providers for 5G trials?

RBI (Reserve Bank of India)

All India Trinamool Congress(AITC) won how many seats in the West Bengal Assembly Election 2021?


Government of India has set how much money for Road Construction for next 2 years.

15 Lakh crore

Which Indian organization has signed MoU with “Rolls-Royce“?

HAL( Hindustan Aeronautics Limited )

RBI has announced how much amount to Tap Liquidity?

Rs. 50,000 crore

Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has introduced which new annual award recently?

Satyajit Ray Lifetime Achievement Award, this prize will be given on occasion of International Film Festival of India(IFFI) every year and will consist of Rs. 10 lakh cash prize, a certificate, shawl, silver peacock medal, a scroll.

In which country, Around 40 tonnes fishes has been died first time ever in the world?


Which Indian sportsperson has become the Brand Ambassador of International Olympics Committee’s Believe in Sports campaign?

P V Sindhu

Which company has received a debt investment of $150 million from World Bank’s International Finance Corporation(IFC)?

Bajaj Finance Limited

Which Bank gives 6 percent interest on deposits of over Rs 1 lakh?

Airtel Payments Bank

The government has initiated rejuvenation of water sources and recharging aquifers through forest department with an outlay of Rs 20 crore by which scheme?

Parvat Dhara Scheme

India and which country have adopted Roadmap 2030 to elevate bilateral ties to comprehensive Strategic Partnership?

United Kingdom

BCCI has granted “No Objection Certificates” to how many Indian women cricketers to play in the inaugural Hundred tournament in the United Kingdom?


Who has flagged off the first supply of Used Cooking Oil(UCO) based Biodiesel Blended Diesel?

Dharmendra Pradhan

How many states and UT’s have started lifting food grains from FCI for free distribution to poor people under PMGKAY( Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana )?


Cellular Operators Association of India(COAI), which is in news is headquartered in which State/UT?

New Delhi

CSIR-Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology located in which city, has developed the first specific drug for COVID-19 treatment?


Education minister of which state has launched “Auro Scholarship Programme” of Sri Aurobindo Society for all the scholars of the state?


Who has been appointed as the 38th National President of FICCI Ladies organisation for the year 2021-2022?

Ujjwala Singhania

Union Cabinet has given approval to signing of MoU between India and which country on “Global Innovation Partnership“?

United Kingdom

The Freedom Fighter Ashatal Pathre has passed away. Did she hail from which state?


The Government has targeted how many million tonnes of mustard production by 2025-26?

17 tonnes

What was the profession of Rohit Sardana, who has passed away?


Who has been appointed as the 1st Women Officer Commanding in BRO(Border Roads Organisation)?

Vaishali Hiwase

SHWAS and AROG are the two new loan products launched by which institution amid the fight against COVID-19?

SIDBI (Small Industries Development Bank of India)

How much amount was infused into in state-owned IFCI(Industrial Finance Coporation of India) by the central government?

Rs. 200 crores

Name the MD & CEO of Axis Bank who has been re-appointed for 3 more years on the post by the bank board?

Amitabh Chaudhry

Which Bank has launched the digital and contactless banking platform Merchant Stack?


Which Indian has co-chaired the 23rd ASEAN(Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Indian senior officials meeting?

Riva Das

Which state has announced “Gopabandhu Sambadika Swasthya Bima Yojana” for journalists?


Researchers have discovered 100 million-year-old bones of Sauropods in which state?


Which state has transferred Rs.379 crore under “Jan-Kalyan Sambal Scheme“?

Madhya Pradesh

Which state has launched “Free Swastha Aahar Yojana” for corona patients?

Madhya Pradesh

Who has become the new Administrator of NASA?

Bill Nelson

India launch 10-year Road Map for Stronger Bilateral Trade Partnership with which nation?


RBI has announced a loan of how much crores for Healthcare?

Rs. 50000 crores

Who flags off 1st supply of Biodiesel under the “Expression of Interest scheme”?

Dharmendra Pradhan

Who has been honored with UNESCO World Press Freedom Prize 2021?

Maria Ressa
UNESCO Full Form – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Cabinet Committee has given its approval for Strategic Disinvestment in which bank?

IDBI (Industrial Development Bank of India)

Son of Former PM Chaudhary Charan Singh has passed away recently. His name is what?

Ajit Singh

India’s 1st “Drive in Vaccination Center” was inaugurated in which city?


What is India’s position in the ICC T20 team rankings?

2nd Place

The novel “Whereabouts” has been authored by whom?

Jhumpa Lahiri

What is the name of the World’s 1st Artificial Intelligence ship?

Mayflower 400

Who has received the “Airline Pacht Global Vision Award“?

Gitta Mittal

Which state has launched an online portal to provide oxygen for home isolation?


How many rupees have been spent by “Oil and Gas PSUs” to redevelop “Badrinath Dham”?

Rs 99.60 crore

Which city has topped the “Prime Global Cities Index Q1 2021“?


Former Personal Secretary of Mahatma Gandhi, passed away. His name is what?

V Kalyanam

What is the rank of Virat kohli in the ICC Test Player Rankings for batting?


India-France-Australia holds 1st-ever Trilateral Foreign Ministerial Dialogue in which city?


Which institute has launched “Mission Bharat O2” to Tackle Oxygen Crisis?

IIT Kanpur

Which late actor’s photo has been included in the Textbox of the Bengali school?

Sushant Singh Rajput

How much amount has been committed by Citibank to support COVID-19 pandemic in India?

Rs 200 Cr

Who has launched the “Checkmate Covid Initiative“?

AICF (All India Chess Federation)

A new variant of Coronavirus, “N440K” has been found 1st time in which state?

Andhra Pradesh

Serum Institute of India will invest 240million euros in which country?


China has definitely suspended strategic economic dialogue with which nation?


NASA spacecraft “Parker Solar Probe” has discovered a natural radio signal from which planet?


Which country has become the 1st nation to introduce regulation to use self-driving vehicles at slow speeds?

United Kingdom

As per Intended Nationally Determined Contribution Report, India need to spend how much amount of money to fight climate change?

$ 170 billion per year

The Border Roads Organisation one of its oldest projects DANTAK commemorated its Diamond Jubilee built in which country?


What was the profession of Bikramjeet Kanwarpal, who has passed away recently?


Which state government has launched the Corona Warriors Scheme?

Madhya Pradesh

Axis Bank Board classified which company as a public shareholder of Axis Bank from being a promoter?

NIACL (New India Assurance Company Limited)

The finance ministry has decided to give how much amount to States as interest-free 50year loan for spending on capital projects?

Rs 15000 crores

Pandit Debu Chaudhuri, who has passed away was a legendary player of which musical instrument?


According to an analysis by brokerage Motilal Oswal Financial Services, household savings rose to how much percent of GDP?


Which state government launched “Mukhyamantri Seva Sankalp Helpline“?

Himachal Pradesh

Who has been Sworn in as the CM of Puducherry?

N. Rangaswamy

Ajit Singh who Passed away due to Covid-19. He was Related to Which Field?


Who has become the New CM of Tamil Nadu?

MK Stalin, full name – Muthuvel Karunanidhi Stalin

Abhilasha Patil who Passed Away due to Covid, She was Related to Which Field?


According to the report by Global Network Against Food Crisis, how many peoples was hit by the Food Crisis in Year 2020?

20 Million People

Japan has announced to Establish No Fly Zone over Olympic Venues from 21 july to 5 September 2021.
Who is India’s Goodwill Ambassador for Indian Athletes?

Sourav Ganguly

Recently, Researchers have identified fossil bones of Dinosaur in West Khasi Hill District of Which Indian


On Which day, World Red Cross Day is Observed?

8th May

Rupsi Airport build under RCS-UDAN scheme has Started Operation from 8 May 2021.The Airport is located in which state?


Name the Indian-origin immunologist who has been elected to the prestigious Academy of Sciences of United States?

Sankar Ghosh

Who has become the New CM of Assam?

Himant Biswa Sharma

The Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities has made it mandatory for all State/UTs to grant certificate of disability through online mode only using which portal?

UDID Portal

Which state or UT government has decided to extend financial assistance of Rs 5000 to auto-rickshaw and taxi drivers to help them tide over the Covid-19 crisis?

New Delhi

The first India-France-Australia Trilateral Ministerial Dialogues was held in which city on May 4?


The Civil Aviation Ministry has permitted which state government to use drones for the experimental delivery of vaccines?


Which woman, known as Shooter Dadi, passed away recently due to Covid 19?

Chandro Tomar

The first-ever electric tractor of India has been tested at the Central Farm Machinery Training and Testing Institute (CFMTTI) in Budni in Which State?

Madhya Pradesh

The Supreme Court has set up how many member’s national task force to streamline oxygen allocation across
the country?


GOI has exempted ________ for Toll Tax across National Highways.

Liquid Medical Oxygen Tankers

Which country inaugurated Small hydro power plant at Chandannath Municipality with Indian assistance?


Recently, Fitch has forecasted how much Indian GDP growth rate for 2022?


Which country has become the host of “Council of the European Union”?


Which organisation successfully demonstrated “Dhruv Mk III MR” light helicopter with deck operations capabilities?


We have observed “World Migratory Bird Day” on which date?

8 May

Which Indian Wrestler has won Gold in “World Olympic Qualifier” at Sofia in Bulgaria?

Seema Bisla

Recently, An eminent personality “Anup Bhattacharya” has passed away. He was a _____________


Recently, “Kami Rita Sherpa” has created a new record, He climbed Mt Everest which time?


Which company has launched “Tip Jar” financial feature?


Which batch of women military police has recently been inducted into the Indian Army?

The First

Recently, M.K. Kaushik has passed away. Which sports did he belong to?


Recently, Arjun Lal Jat and Arvind Singh have qualified for Tokyo Olympics in which sport?


On 9 May 2021, China’s long March 5B rocket has dropped around which country?


Recently, India and European Investment Bank (EIB) have signed a finance contract for which metro rail project?

Pune Metro Rail Project

Recently, Which Bank has the Tax Hub been launched to increase international tax cooperation?


On May 10, which of the following days is celebrated every year?

International Day of Argania

Himanta Biswa Sharma has become the new Chief Minister of Which State?


How many Women Military Soldiers have been introduced into the Indian Army?

83 Women

Who won his fifth successive Spanish Grand Prix?

Lewis Hamilton

Which State announced a Grant of Rs.10 Lakh for Labourers, who killed in Mine explosion?

Andhra Pradesh

Anti-COVID Drug “2-DG” was developed by __________

DRDO – Defence Research & Development Organisation.

Which State Government announced “Manoj Das International Literary Award“?


Who has become the 1st Parsi on Indian Cricket Team since 1975?

Arzan Nagwaswalla

Which Actress has written the book, titled “Elephant In The Womb”?

Kalki Koechlin

Which Sports Stars, Maharaj Krishan Kaushik and Ravinder Pal Singh have passed away?


Rajya Sabha member Raghunath Mohapatra passed away. He was also associated with ___________


Who has become the World’s First Climb “Mount Everest” 25 times?

Rami Rita Sherpa

Who has been appointed as Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu?

Irai Anbu

Which state has decided to start door-to-door Screening Drive in the Village?


Which India retail has become the World’s 2nd Fastest growing retail company?


Real-time Monitoring relief “CovAid” portal has been set up by __________________

NITI Aayog

On Which Day, National Technology Day is observed in India?

11 May

Raj Kumar Sacheti, who passed away recently, was the executive director of which sports organization?

Boxing Federation of India

Recently, 8 Asiatic lions of Which zoo have tested positive for SARS-CoV2 virus?

Nehru Zoological Park

Oktoberfest, which has been cancelled due to covid, is the beer festival of which country?


What is the name of the world’s first Artificial Intelligence ship?

Mayflower 400

Which ministry has launched an online portal for the PLISFPI?

Ministry of Food Processing Industries

Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Company Limited (KLI) has appointed whom as managing director of the company?

Mahesh Balasubramanian

Xylophis deepaid, which was recently discovered in Tamil Nadu, is a species of?


What is the theme of the World Asthma Day 2021?

Uncovering Asthma Misconceptions

CBSE Has launched ‘Dost for Life’ is an exclusive psychological counselling app for students and parents of CBSE-affiliated schools. Who is the Chairman of CBSE?

Manoj Ahuja

What is the name of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm to help detect Covid-19 from chest X-rays developed by DRDO?

Atman AI

Who has been Selected as ICC Players of the Month for April 2021?

Babar Azam

Which organization has partnered with Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society (SEEDS) to launch vaccination drive and set up COVID care centres in India?

Pepsico Foundation

Kami Rita has scaled Mount Everest for the 25th time, breaking his own record for the most ascents of the world’s highest peak. He Belongs to Which Country?


Which company has Started the Campaign “Savadhan Rahein Safe Rahe” Public Awareness Initiative?

Bajaj Finserv

Recently, Who has been Appointed as the 38th President of FICCI Ladies Organization?

Ujjawala Singhania

Recently, Scientists of China has Discovered the Lightest Form of Uranium 214. What is the Atomic NO. of Uranium?


Which India Actor has won best actor award at New York City International Film Festival?

Anpuam Kher

What was the Theme of National Technology Day 2021?

Science and Technology for Sustainable Future

The “3rd Arctic Science Ministerial (ASM3) 2021” held in which city?


The 1st Revenue Minister of Kerala, has passed away. Her name is _____________?

KR Gouri Amma

Which state became the 1st state to adopt an Online Flood Reporting System?


Recently, Indian and Indonesian Navies conduct “PASSEX” in which sea?

Arabian Sea

R.Shanmugasundaram has been appointed as the next advocate general of which state?

Tamil Nadu

Which govt. Agency has released a report titled “Connected Commerce“?

NITI Aayog

Which space agency is set to launch the “DOGE-1 Mission to the Moon“?


Who has been named ICC Men’s Player of the Month for April 2021?

Babar Azam

Who has become the 1st Sikh Woman to be elected to Scottish parliament?

Pam Gosal

Recently, Lalti Ram passed away. He was related to the Which field?

Freedom Fighter

Which nation plans to create a Covid-19 “Separation Line” on Mt Everest?


Which state’s police has launched “COVI Van Helpline” number for Senior Citizens?


Who has become the 1st Indian-origin person to win “Arab World Nobel Prize“?

Tahera Qutubuddin

Which nation was the top exporter of Passenger Cars and LCVs to South Africa in 2020?


Who won the men’s “Madrid Open Title 2021“?

Alexander Zverev

Recently, Which space agency’s “OSIRIS-REx” Robotic Prospector started travel to earth?


Recently, Which country’s population has crossed 1.4 Billion?


Which INS has taken part in “Passage Exercise (PASSEX)” with Indonesia?

INS Sharda

The United States has given which COVID vaccine’s approval for emergency use in the age group of 12-15 years?


We have observed which edition of Time of remembrance and reconciliation for those who lost their lives during the Second World War in 2021?


Which company has donated “USD 15 Million” for COVID relief in India?


Which company has launched its first electric motorbike “Live Wire“?

Harley Davidson

Which state has become the second UT to be covered under “Har Ghar Jal” yojana?


Miyan Ka Bara” railway station’s name has been changed to what name _________________?

Mahesh Nagar

Which state’s police administration launches Mission Hausla?


Recently in the news, Mukurthi National Park is located in which of the following states?

Tamil Nadu

Recently in the news, “United Nations Climate Change Conference,2021 (COP26)“, will be held in Which Country?


On May 12, Which day is celebrated every year?

International Nurses Day

Recently, a floating ambulance has been started in which lake of India?

Dal Lake Srinagar

Recently, which state government has recently imposed a complete ban on glyphosate?


Recently, which state has announced free treatment of Mucormycosis patients?


Recently, which organisation has classified the Indian Covid-19 variant as “Variants of Concern (VOC)“?


Which state govt. has announced to treat ‘Black Fungus Patients’ free of cost?


Who was appointed as the new CMD of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited?

Arun Kumar Singh 

The Boat Ambulance service started in Jammu Kashmir at which lake?

Dal lake 

Who has developed the ‘Atman-AI’ technique for detecting COVID-19 in x-rays?


Which State’s Police has launched ‘Mission Hausla’ to help COVID-19 patients?


What is the latest Indian GDP growth rate estimate for FY22 as per Moody’s? 


Who was appointed as the CEO of the proposed National Asset Reconstruction Company? 

Padmakumar Nair 

Which Indian cricketers became the 1st female player to get Corona vaccinated?

Smriti Mandhana 

Who has been appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of “Starcom”?

Niti Kumar 

Who wrote a book titled “Life in the Clock Tower Valley”? 

Shakur Rather 

Who has become the 1st Indian To Win Arab World Nobel Prize? 

Dr. Tahera Qutbuddin

Paytm unveiled COVID-19 vaccine finder tool.Who is the Founder and CEO of Paytm?

Vijay Shekhar Sharma

What is the Name of Chatbot Started by HDFC Bank and Common Services Centre (CSC) to support the Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) in providing banking services?


Mohammed Nasheed, who was injured in a blast recently, is the former President of which Country?


Border Roads Organisation, BRO celebrated its ____ Raising Day on 7th May?


Which state has launched the ‘Auro Scholarship Programme’ of Sri Aurobindo Society for all the students of the state?


Mucormycosis, which is being found in COVID-19 patients and largely in cases of those who are diabetic, is a kind of ___ ?


The United Nations has forecasted how much percent Indian economy growth in 2022?


Which state government has launched “Mukhyamantri COVID Upchar Yojana” recently?

Madhya Pradesh

Which company launched “Savdhan Rahein, Safe Rahein“, a public awareness campaign on financial fraud risks?

Bajaj Finserv

Which Bank has launched an artificial-intelligence chatbot named ‘EVA’?


Who has been appointed as the National President of FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO)?

Ujjwala Singhania

Who was ‘Best Actor award’ for a short film ‘Happy Birthday’ at the New York City International Film Festival?

Anupam Kher

Who has become the 14th administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) ?

Bill Nelson

Which state government is presenting “Manoj Das International Literary Award” in memory of litterateur Manoj Das?


Which neighbour country has successfully tested its first Metro train recently?


Which Small Finance Bank has launched the ‘I choose my number’ feature?

Jana Small Finance Bank

Recently, Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has awarded ‘Green Energy Award’ of the year 2021?

Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited (IREDA)

Recently, online investment platform Grow has acquired which mutual fund company?

Indiabulls Mutual Fund

Recently, which e-commerce company has launched ‘Sanjeevani’ to match COVID patients with plasma donors?


Recently, microsite has been launched by which bank?

Bank of Baroda

Which Parsi player who was in the news recently was elected in the Indian national cricket team?

Arzan Nagwaswala

Recently, Patanjali’s biscuits have been acquired by which company?

Ruchi Soya

Which State/UT Police launched vehicle helpline ‘COVI VAN’ for senior citizens?

New Delhi

Who has been appointed as the New CMD of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)?

Arun Kumar Singh

Recently, DGCL Has approved the Emergency use of Anti Covid Drug which is developed by DRDO. What is the Name of the Drug?


Which State Oldest Serving MLA KR Gouri Amma Passed Away at 102?


Jana Small Finance Bank launches ‘I choose my number’ feature. Who is the MD and CEO of Jana Small Finance Bank?

Ajay Kanwal

Taliban has Captured Afghanistan Second Biggest Day after Months Frightening, What is the Name of the Dam?

Dahla Dam

Which Country has successfully sent a new Remote Sensing Satellite ‘Yoagan-34’ into space?


The Subject Expert Committee (SEC) has approved which COVID-19 vaccine for phase 2 and 3 human clinical trials on 2 to 18-year-olds?


Which bank has signed MoU with UAE-based ‘Mashreq Bank’ to facilitate money transfers from the UAE?

Federal Bank

Which two indian Companies will raise the production of vaccines within a month?

Sll, Bharat BioTech

In India, How much percent of area of summer cultivation has been increased from 2020 to 2021?


Which state government has announced Subsidy for “Purchasing of Ambulance“?


Recently, “Himalayan Red Fox” species has been spotted in which place of country?


Which Nationalised Bank has launched first time ever “3 in 1 Account” facility?


Which Indian company has launched ‘COVID-19 Vaccine Finder’ tool to help citizens check the availability of vaccination slots-on its Mini App Store?


Which state government has permitted COVID vaccination without ID proof?


Who has become the youngest Pakistani to summit Mt Everest, the world’s highest peak?

Shehroze Kashif

Which organisation has won ‘Green Urja Award 2021’?


Which organisation developed 3 cost-effective ventilators, oxygen concentrators named ‘Prana-Vayu and Swastha’?


GOI has approved  how much amount for the development of ‘Tesla Style  Battery Manufacturing’?

Rs 18,100 crore

Recently, the news , Shotgun World Cup, 2021 is being held in which country?


Recently seen in the news, which species of frog is officially the largest Frog in the World?

Goliath Frog

Recently, which place is India in the latest Test Cricket Rankings released by ICC?


Recently, which country has chaired the meeting of the first BRICS Employment Working Group (EWG), 2021?


Recently, the Central Government has introduced a Management Information System (MIS) to strengthen which domestic industry?

Agarbatti Industry

Who has been appointed new UN Humanitarian Chief?

Martin Griffiths

According to the Report by the World Bank, Which Country was the largest recipient of remittances in 2020?


Which Country has Chaired 1st Brics Employment Working Group (EWG) meeting Virtually?


According to a report by the United Nations, human-caused methane emissions have to be cut down by what percent to avoid the worst effects of climate change?


Which State has launched ‘Amrit Vahini App’ for Booking of Beds in Hospitals?


Sahitya Akademi Award Winning Journalist Homen Borgohain passed away, he has been Conferred with Sahitya Academy Award in which year?


Who has been sworn in as the 6th time President of Uganda?

Yoweri Museveni

Who is the Author of Book ‘All time favourite for Childrens’?

Ruskin Bond

Which among the following has been crowned Premier League Champions for the third time?

Manchester City

On May 15 Which day is Celebrated?

International Day of Families

Recently, in which state the Mahtari Dular Scheme has been started?


Recently, in the news, “Sinabung Mountains” are located in which country?


Recently, Google Cloud has signed an agreement with which Starlink Internet Connectivity?


Recently, who has become the Prime Minister of Nepal?

K P Sharma Oli

Which Indian has won “Whitley Award 2021” for his “biodiversity peace corroider“?

Y Nuklu Phom

What is the theme of 3rd Edition Arctic Science Ministerial 2021?

Knowledge for a sustainable Arctic

Recently, Three ‘Yaogan-30’ satellites has been launched by which country?


Which Country has partnered with United Nation Development Programme to provide Oxygen generation plants to the North Eastern Region in India?


Which organisation has launched a mobile app for journalists?

Supreme Court

Which Company has launched “4 Days Work in a Week Model” for employees?

Oyo Hotels

HDFC Bank has predicted how much percent India’s growth for FY22?


Which Company has become the fastest Growth Company across the world as per the  “Deloitte Report 2021“?


Who has been appointed as the Indian Ambassador in Suriname?


Centre  Government will provide covid Vaccine doses to State/UTs Free of Cost?

1 Crore, 91 Lakh

Which organisation has informed that fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear their masks indoors and outdoors?

USCDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) teams have been deployed for how many states while “Cyclone Tauktae”?


Name ‘Cyclone Tauktae’has been given by which country?


Which state government has declared a new district named as “Malerkotla”?


Pablo Picasso’s “Woman Sitting Near a Window” (1932) sold in which city?

New York

The Agriculture Ministry has allocated how much  amount for ‘Horticulture’ for 2021-2022?

Rs. 2250 crore

Which Payment Bank has launched “DigiGold” digital platform for Gold Investment?

Airtel Payment Bank

Recently, RBI has cancelled the licence of which co-operative bank?

United co-operative bank

Tennis Player “Roman Khassanov” has been banned. He is from which country?


Who has created a world record to climb Mount Everest twice in the shortest span of time?

Mingma Tenji Sherpa

On 16 May, which day is celebrated?

International Day of Light

Recently, Geojit Financial Services has tied up with which bank?

PNB Bank

Recently, the Union Cabinet has approved the transfer of land for the construction of Aerial Passenger Ropeway System in _____________ ?


Who created history by becoming the first Indian fencer to quality for the Olympic Games?

Bhavani devi

Cyclone Tauktae is likely to hit some Indian State, this name Tauktae is given by Which Country?


The Police of which state has launched a drive called “Mission Hausla” to help people get oxygen, beds and plasma for COVID-19 Patients?


On Which Day, World Hypertension Day is Observed?

17 May

Which state has decided to provide Rs 5,000 to below the poverty line (BPL) families as Covid relief?


Maharashtra Government has Formed a committee under whose chairmanship to study Maratha quota judgement?

Dilip Bhosle

Which E-commerce company has launched “Sanjeevani” to connect COVID-19 patients with potential plasma donors?


48th Chief Justice of India has launched a Mobile Application for which Among the Following for the Court Proceedings?


According to the census, China currently has population of 1.41 billion people. What was the average annual growth rate of China over the last 10 Years?


A real time Digital Flood Reporting and Information Management System (FRIMS) has been launched in which state?


A Giant frog as big as the size of the human body was recently discovered in which country?

Solomon Islands

Which state has announced to give Rs 5000 per month as a pension to children who have lost their parents in this COVID  pandemic?

Madhya Pradesh

S. Balachandran has been Appointed as India’s Next Ambassador to which country?


Recently, Which Company has launched all Electric Motorcycle Brand ‘Livewire’?

Harley Davidson

Which Indian has Won Whitley Award 202 Which is also Called Green Oscar?

Nuklu Phom

The World Health Organization has declared which Indian coronavirus variant as a variant of global concern?


Recently, who has taken charge as First Woman Finance Minister of Assam?

Ajanta Neog

Jupiter ICY Moon Explorer which has recently been tested is the interplanetary spacecraft of which space agency?

European Space Agency

Recently, who has set the world record by conquering Mount Everest twice in the shortest time in a season?

Mingma Tenji Sherpa

Recently, DigiGold has been launched by which Bank?

Airtel Payment Bank

Recently, who became the first state in the country to join the global COVAX  alliance?


Recently, who has been awarded the prestigious Basavashree Award for 2020?

Dr.K Kasturirangan

Which Country is the world’s first to ban all synthetic cannabinoid substances?


Which country’s first Mars Rover ‘Zhu Rong’ has been successfully landed on Mars?


Who has been named as the “People’s Advocate” of the ‘UN Climate Change Conference 2021’?

David Attenborough

Which country’s PM has topped the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders” list for 2021 by Fortune Magazine?

New Zealand

Who has been appointed as the new CEO of “Bata India”?

Gunjan Shah

Which state government has announced 25% subsidy for manufacturing of medical equipment?

Uttar Pradesh

Who has become first Indian origin fighter to win ‘Heavy weight World Champion MMA Title’?

Arjan Bhullar

Women’s Rugby World Cup 2022 will be held in which country?

New Zealand

Recently, by which name has GoAir rebranded itself?

Go First

Which Indian American has been appointed as the Senior Advisor to US President Joe Biden?

Neera Tanden

Who has been crowned 69th Miss Universe  2020 Title?

Andrea Meza

Mingma Tenji Sherpa  Creates World Record by Scaling Mt. Everest, the World Highest Peak  Twice in Shortest Spam of how many days?

4 Days

RBI  cancels license of  United Co-operative Bank, This Bank is Based in which state?

West Bengal

Which Indian State has launched ‘Covid Fateh’ Drive as a part of  Covid Mukt Pind Abhiyan to tackle Covid-19?


International day of lights is observed on which day?

16 May

Ms Narasimhan Passes Away, he was a Renowed?


Which Country has become the world’s first country to ban synthetic cannabinoids?


Malerkotla was become the 23 district of which state?


Sindhu  Darshan Festival is Celebrated in Which Indian State or UT?


Vaidya Apke Dwar” Scheme has been launched by the Minister of Ayush. Who is the Present Ayush Minister of India?

Shripad Yesso Naik

Ajanta Neog has become the first Female Finance Minister of Which Indian State?


On Which Day, National Dengue Day is Observed in India?

16 May

Recently, Which country has withdrawn from the FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifying tournament?

PP North Korea

Recently, who has won the title of Italian Tennis Tournament 2021?

Rafael Nadal

Recently, in the news, “Kundoli Proposed Reserved Forests” are located in which state?


Recently, who has been awarded the “International Invincible Gold Medal 2021“?

Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank

We have Observed “World Telecommunication and Information Society Day” on which date?

17 May

Which State has become first to join “Global COVAX Alliance” to procure anti-Covid Vaccines?


Recently, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has called a meeting for complete ceasefire between which countries?

Israel & Palestine

Which city has topped ‘Environmental Risk Outlook Index 2021?


Which city is safest according to “Environmental Risk Outlook Index 2021”?


Which country will host the 2021 Women Rugby World Cup?

New Zealand

“Westlife Development” will invest how much amount to open “Mcdonald’s” outlet in India this year?

Rs 100 crore

Which state government has launched virtual School for class 9th to 12th?


Who has won “British Masters Golf 2021”?

Richard Bland

Recently, A Book “Sikkim:A History of Intrigue and Alliance” has been launched?

Preet Mohan Singh Malik

When was World AIDS Vaccine Day celebrated?

18 May

Which State Government has launched virtual schools for class 9 to class 12?


Which State Government has announced to bear the expenses of education of destitute children from Corona?

Delhi Government

PC George has passed away. He was a famous _____ ?


China Churong rover has successfully landed on which planet after completing 7 Months of Space travel?


Who has been crowned 69thMiss Universe 2020 Title?

Andrea Meza

KI Rajnarayan, who passed away due to age related illness was a renowned _____________ writer.


Recently, Simorgh Computer has been launched by which country?


Who has won the ‘10th Italian Open Title 2021’?

Rafael Nadal

Who has won ‘Italian  Open Women Singles Title 2021’?

Iga Swiatek

Who has joined Global consortium to build undersea cable network centred in India?

Reliance Jio

Which Indian-origin Woman has been nominated by US President Joe Biden as a senior white house adviser?

Neera Tendon

Which State Government has launched the “AYUSH GHAR DWAR” campaign?

Himachal Pradesh

Which Union Minister has been awarded with “International Invincible Gold Medal“?

Ramesh Pokhriya

Which Indian State Government has launched “HIT Covid App” ?


Which Country has decided to share 80 Millions doses of COVID-19 vaccine globally over the next 6 weeks?


Which Medical Company has signed a pact with Dr Reddy’s to manufacture Russian Sputnik V Covid-19  vaccine in India?

Shilpa Medicare

Which Country has banned foreign curriculum and foreign ownership in Private Schools?


Which Sports league newly created “Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Social Justice Champion Award”?

National Basketball Association

Recently, Siddharth Shriram has passed away by Covid. He was a/an ____________?


Which State Government has announced Rs 10 Lakh Fixed Deposit facility for orphaned children?

Andhra Pradesh

Which IIT Institution has designed an eco-friendly cremation cart fitted with stainless steel insulation?

IIT Ropar

6th UN Global Road Safety Week is Observed from?

17-23 May

Kobe Bryant was related to which sport?


Which Country has recently built its most powerful Supercomputer “Simorgh“?


Which State government launched “COVID HIT App”?


In which country is the Faraz-B-Gas Field, the giant gas egg that has been in the news recently?


Where  is India’s First Agri-Export Facilitation Center started?


Who has been appointed as the Prime Minister of the West Africa country of Mali?

Mocter Owen

Which team has won the title of ‘FA cup football tournament 2020-21’ for the first time in the history of 137 years?

Leicester City

On the death of a person from Covid-19, how many rupees compensation has been announced by the Government of Delhi to his family?

Rs 50,000

Who became the first Indian-origin mixed material arts fighter by winning the heavyweight world champion at the Singapore Forest Championship?

Arjan Singh Bhullar

Which organised   quoted that ‘World is at risk of Vaccine Apartheid?


Which state government is going to set up 48 oxygen generation plants?


Which state government has launched ‘MOMA Market’?


Tribal Affairs Minister has signed a MoU with which IT Company to do Digital transformation of tribal schools?


Which company has developed the world’s first private digital court under the private justice system?

Jupitice Justice Technologies

Who has become the India Women to Summit ‘Mount Pumori’?

Gunbala Sharma, Baljeet Kaur

Who has launched the “2-DG” anti covid drug recently?

Rajnatah Singh

We have observed ‘International Museum Day’ on which date?

18 May

Recently, the Finance Minister has allocated how much amount for Panchayati Raj Local governing bodies?

Rs 8924

Which state government will provide Rs 3000 to each auto driver & construction worker?


Who has become Suzuki Motorcycle India’s new Company Head?

Satoshi Uchida

Who has been appointed asPeople’s advocate of COP26 for climate change?

David Attenborough

Matyaskara Bharosa” is a scheme of which state?

Andhra Pradesh

Which former Union Minister, who served as a minister of state in the Minister of Defence, Minister of Food Processing Industries and Minister of Civil Aviation, passed away recently?

Chaman Lal Gupta

According to the Ministry of Environment, how many elephants died due to train cutting across India between 2009-10 and 2020-21?


When is World AIDS Vaccine Day celebrated?

18 May

Which state government has started the ambitious “Medicine from the sky” the first of its-kind project involving delivery of medicines through multiple drones?


Which State government has approved the formation of ‘Legislative Council’?

West Bengal

Which state declared ‘Black Fungus An epidemic?


Who became the Chief Minister of Kerala?

Pinarayi Vijayan

Who has received the super-prestigious Glory of India Award 2020?

Khushhal kaushik

Moctar Oane was reappointed as the Prime Minister of which country?


The World’s first private digital cour was developed by ?

Jupitus Justice Technology

Which country launches the new ocean observation satellite Haiyang-2D?


Recently, which state government has announced a fixed deposit of Rs 10 Lakh to orphaned children?

Andhra Pradesha

Recently, which bank has announced a fully digital loan processing system (LPS) for agricultural products?


National Anti-terroism day is Observed on which date?

21 May

Who has become the 1st Indian Woman climber to scale Mt.Everest in 2021?

Tashi Yangjom

Which company has partnered with 30 news publisher for its ‘News showcase’ feature in India?


Which state government has announced a ‘Covid relief package’ of  Rs 1250 crore ?


Which state ranks 1st in establishing HWSc under Ayushman Bharat scheme?


Which state has launched a new policy to double its Oxygen Manufacturing Capacity?

Andhra Pradesh

Who has been appointed as the batting coach of the Indian Women’s Cricket team?

Shiv Sunder Das

The Tribal  Affairs Ministry signed an MoU with which company for digital transformation of Tribal schools?


Johnson & Johnson has partnered with which Indian company for manufacturing its Covid-19 vaccine?

Biological E

What is India’s rank in the insurance-technology market in Asia-pacific, as per S&P Global market?


Which state has announced a compensation for Rs 50,000 to the families of those who died from Corona?


Which state launched the ‘Amrit Vahini App’ and portal?


“Vaiya Apke Dwar” Scheme has been launched in which state?

Madhya Pradesh

ONGC Videsh Ltd-discovered Farzad-B gas field located in which country?


Who is the author of the book Philip Roth : The Biography?

Blake Bailey

Harry Gurney  has announced retirement from cricket. He hails from which country?


Which state Government announces Rs 1,500 per month for children orphaned in Covid Pandemic?


Environmentalist Sunderlal Bahuguna passes away, he belongs to which state?


BIBCOL to produce how much crore doses of Covaxin per month at Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh?

1 Crore

Israel and Hamas have agreed to a ceasefire on which date?

21 May

Which Indian Choreographer won the ‘World Choreography World Title 2020’?

Suresh Mukund

Recently, how many Indian sites have been added to the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage sites?


Recently, who became Kerala Health Minister?

Veena George

“International Tea Day” is Observed on which date?

21 May

Jagannath Pahadia, who passed away recently, was the former chief minister of which state?


Which defence unit has designed an Oxygen Recycling System (ORS)?

Indian Navy

Recently, which INS has been decommissioned on 21st May 2021?

INS Rajput

Which country has passed the ‘ Anti Assian COVID Hate Crimes Bill’?


India has secured which rank in EY Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI) for 2020?


World’s largest iceberg has broken off the coast of which continent?


We have observed ‘National Anti Terroism Day’ on which date?

21 May

Which basketball legend has been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame?

Kobe Bryant

Andhra Pradesh Government has introduced a Budget, who is the finance minister of A.P?

Buggana Rajendranath

Which organisation has developed the world’s largest and most powerful space science telescope, James Webb Space Telescope?


Recently, which British Indian has won the ‘Millennium Tech Award 2020’ ?

Shankar Balasubramanian

Recently, in the news, which is the largest producing state of Dahanu Gholvad Sapota?


Recently, Dun & Bradstreet has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with which to promote MSME development?

Bombay Stock Exchange

On 21st May 2021, which Indian navy ship was decommissioned?

INS Rajput

Recently, with which country Russia has started its largest nuclear power projects?


Justice Sanjay Yadav will be the new Chief Justice of which High Court?

Allahabad HC

When is ‘International Biological Diversity Day’ is celebrated?

22 May

We have observed ‘International Day of Biodiversity ’ on which date?

22 May

Which organisation has developed antibody detection based-kit ‘Dipcovan’?


Doordarshan will launch a new channel named as _______________?

DD International

Recently, who has launched ‘NMMS Mobile App’?

Narendra Singh Tomar

Which state has made Covid-19 treatment free for BPL Patients in Private hospitals?


Gol raised the subsidy on DAP Fertilizer by 140%. What does DAP stand for ?

Diammonium phosphate

Which Ministry has launched ‘Elderline Helpline no.’ for citizens?

Ministry of Social Justice

According to WHO and ILO reports, long working hours can increase deaths from which disease?

Heart  Stroke

India has signed an MoU on Military cooperation with which gulf country?


We have observed ‘National Endangered Species Day’ on which date?

21 May

IMF has proposed how much amount for global vaccination plan?

$ 50 Billion

Which state government has launched ‘Mission Oxygen Self-Reliance’?


Indian Grand Prix IV and Inter State Athletics championship will be hosted by which city?


Which country will  host the ‘FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup’?


Recently, who has been appointed as the NSA (National Security Advertiser’ of Pakistan?

Moeed yusuf

According to a recently released report, India ranked on which place in ‘57th Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index’?


Recently, who has launched an initiative called NIDHI4 COVID2.0?

Department of Science & Technology (DST)

Recently, what percentage has increased the subsidy on DAP fertilizer by the Central Government?


Which defence unit has designed an Oxygen Recycling System (ORS)?

Indian Navy

Who became Asia’s second richest Person?

Gautam Adani

DRDO’s newly developed COVID-19 antibody detection kit has been named as?


Who has been appointed as the new president of the International Hockey Federation(FIH)?

Narendra Batra

Which Indian has been re-appointed as a member of FIH Athletics Committee?

PR Sreejesh

From which country will India get the 1st batch of S-400 missile system by Oct-Dec?


Which initiative has been launched by the Ministry of Social Justice for the senior citizens?


Which version of FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup will take place in India 2022?


The average earnings of workers fell by what percent during Covid-19 pandemic?


Who has won the Templeton Prize 2021?

Jane Goodall

Central Govt announced an assistance of Rs 1,000 crores to which state was affected by ‘Tauktae’ cyclone?


Which state has launched the “Mission Oxygen Self-Reliance Scheme”?


How many AIIMS were approved under the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha yojana?


Which country’s first bowler Boyd Rankin announced his retirement?


The autobiography “Sach Kahun Toh” was written by –

Neena Gupta

“Raam-Lakshman” passes away, He was associated with which profession?

Music Director

Which State government is going to start class 12 Board exams with ‘Home Based Exam’ Pattern?


Which team has won ‘UEFA Women’s Champions League 2020-21?

Barcelona Women

Gol will establish ‘National Institute of Medicinal Plants’ in which place?


According to the India Meteorological Department(IMD),which cyclone is reaching the Odisha & West Bengal coastal area?


Which country has given the name Cyclone Yaas?


Microsoft has announced the discontinuation of ‘Internet Explorer’ from which date?

15 June 2022

Which country has announced its exit from the FIFA World Cup 2022 while covid pandemic?

North Korea

Who has become the Chief Minister of Kerala?

Pinarayi Vijayan

We have observed ‘World Turtle Day’ on which date?

23 May

Recently, ‘Anatole Collinet Makosso’ has become the new Prime Minister of which country?

Republic of Congo

Which State govt. Launch “Sanjeevani Pariyojana” for quick medicare?


The Supreme Court has released an “e-courts Service Mobile App” in how many languages?

14 Languages

Which state has launched ‘Vatsalya Yojana” for Orphaned Children?


Which state government has launched the “Home Isolation Kit” ?

Himachal Pradesh

Srikumar Banerjee has passed away at the age of 75. He was associated with which profession?


Who has been appointed as the CEO of Reserve Bank Innovation Hub?

Rajesh Bansal

Recently, India has renewed its MoUs on Military cooperation with which country?


Which sports organization has won the Etienne Glichitch Award ?

Hockey India

Pradip Kumar Yadav has been appointed as the next ambassador of India to which country?


NASA announced it will send its 1st Mobile Robot to the moon in 2023. Name of this Robot-


Google has announced the opening of its 1st physical Retail store in which city?

New York

NCPCR is providing tele-counselling to children through which of the following?


Who has been appointed as the new Speaker of ‘Assam Legislative Assembly’?

Biswajit Daimary

Sports Ministry has approved how much financial assistance to Arjuna Award winner V Tejaswini Bai?

Rs 2 Lakh

Who has been inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fames as “The Superfan”?

Nav Bhatia

Ibrahim Attahiru Dies in a Plane Crush. He was the Army Chief of which country?


Brahmo Samaj was founded by?

Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Recently, which country has decided to give ‘honorary citizenship’ to Indian nurse Somya Santosh?


Who topped Forbes ‘Highest-paid athletes’ list for 2021?

Conor Mcgregor

Who is the current acting director of the Central Bureau of Investigation(CIB)?

Praveen Sinha

The IRDAI slaps Rs24 Lakh Penalty on which company for violating Advertisement Norm?


Who is the author  of the book “Buddha in Gandhara”?

Sunita Dwivedi

Recently, “Ayushman Bharat PM Jan Arogya Yojana” has been merged with which state’s “Arogyasri Scheme”?


Recently, India has signed an Agriculture cooperation pact with which country?


Which country’s Hockey team has been awarded the “Etienne Glichitch Award”?


This year “Total Lunar Eclipse” will be visible on which date?

26 May

Who has represented India in the 74th World Health Assembly recently?

Dr. Harshvardhan

UNICEF has launched which campaign in India to engage young people to understand Covid crisis?

Young Warriors

We have observed “World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development” on which date?

21 May

How much percent FDI raised in India during 2020-21 financial year?


Who has won “India Biodiversity Award 2021”?

Shahji N.M

Which committee has become best & won “India Biodiversity Award 2021”?

Shergaon BMC

Which player has won the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix 2021?

Max Verstappen

Recently, “O.P. Bhardwaj” has passed away. He was associated with which sport?


Who has topped the 2021 Forbes list ?

Conor McGregor

Recently, who has been made the director of CBI?

Subodh Kumar Jaiswal

Recently, which state government has launched the ‘Ankur Scheme’?

Madhya Pradesh

Recently, which animals will be re-introduced in India after being declared extinct in 1952?


Who has won the Premier League Golden Boot Award 2021 for the third time?

Harry Ken

Recently, who has proposed a global vaccination plan of $50 Billion?

International Monetary Fund

What is the theme of 2021 World Turtle Day?

Turtles Rock!

When is International Missing Children’s Day commemorated?

25 May

Who is the author of the book “Nehru, Tibet and China” ?

Avtar Singh Bhasin

Which team has won the 2020-21 La Liga Title?

Atletico Madrid

The Military junta of which nation has arrested the President, Prime Minister and Defence Minister?


Which country has named the Cyclone ‘Yaas’?


Which Internet Browser will be retired for certain versions of Window 10 by June 2022?

Internet Explorer

Who has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Reserve Bank Innovation Hub?

Rajesh Bansal

Which state government launched “Ankur Yojana”?

Madhya Pradesh

“India and Asia Geopolitics: The Past Present Book” authored by which writer?

Shivshankar Menon

Which state government launched the “Student Credit Card Initiative”?

West Bengal

Who has won “India Biodiversity Award 2021”?

Shaji N.M

Who has been appointed as the new Director of the Central Bureau of India (CBI)?

Subodh Kumar Jaiswal

The Sports Ministry has approved the opening of how many khelo India centers in 7 states?

143 Center

Prashant Kumar Mishra appointed as Chief Justice of which High court?

Chhattisgarh HC

Subodh Kumar Jaiswal has been appointed as the Director of CBI for how many years?

2 years

Which Minister has launched the 1st phase of ‘MCA21 V3.0’ portal?

Anurag Thakur

Who has become the 1st Female Flight Test Engineer of India?

Aashritha Olety

Which healthcare has won the Gold Award 2021?

Spice Health

Which state approved Lakshmi Bhandar project, A Student Credit Card & “Duare Ration”?

West Bengal

Who bags 1st Indian to win Rudolf Schindler Award?

Nageshwar Reddy

Former Union Minister, Babagouda Patil has passed away. He belongs from-


Where is the 1st Batch of ‘Shahi litchi’ from Bihar exported?


Who has been appointed as the ‘Police Commissioner’ of delhi?

SN Shrivastava

Who has been elected as the Member of the Badminton World Federation Council?

Himanta Biswa Sharma

Implementation of Hallmarking of Gold Jewellery will begun from –

15th January

Guillermo Lasso recently became the president of which country?


Who has recently won the International Dublin Literature Prize 2021?

Valeria Luiselli

Who won the Templeton Award for the Year 2021?

Jane Goodall

Recently who won the title of Spanish Football League 2021 “La Liga”?

Atletico Madrid

Which organisation has launched the ‘Young Warriors’ campaign?


Who has represented India in the 74th World Health assembly recently?

Dr. Harsh Vardhan

Who will take charge as Chief Justice of Chhattisgarh High Court on 1 June 2021?

Prashant Kumar Mishra

Who will become the new CEO of Amazon?

Andy Jassy

Which country will launch the mobile tech platform ‘UNITE AWARE’  for the UN Peacekeeper?


AYUSH Ministry organises a series of webinars on “Be with Yoga, Be at Home”?


‘Mohali International Hockey’ stadium renamed after?

Balbir Singh Senior

Which IIT developed Smart Window Material?

IIT Guwahati

Who won Spain’s Top Award in Social Science’?

Amartya Sen

Which state government launched “Vatsalya Yojana” for Orphaned Children due to Corona?


Which Indian State has received the Highest FDI in the FY 2020-21?


Recently, which IIT developed a unique detector “FakeBuster”?

IIT Ropar

Who has been conferred with FIH President’s Award?

VK Pandian

Which Indian state launched the ‘Duare Ration Scheme’?

West Bengal

Which company has claimed that its COVID-19 vaccine is suitable for all 12 Years and Above ?


Which country has made a committee of Intelligence Agencies to report the origin of COVID?


Which Union Minister has launched SeHAT-OPD Portal?

Rajnath Singh

Which organisation will launch the ‘Global Bio Hub’ platform?


Which digital wallet has become 1st to be linked with UPI Network?


Who has won Europe’s Golden Shoe Award 2021’?

Robert Lewandowski

Recently , NASA has signed a pact with which space agency?


Which Country has recently passed the’ Port City Bill’?

Sri Lanka

Who has been elected as the New President of Ecuador?

Guillermo Lasso

How many players were included in the Target Olympic podium Scheme?


Aam Aadmi Party has launched Doctor Helpline Campaign in which state/UT?


Which state’s CM has inaugurated a “drive-in-Covid-19 vaccination centre” on 26th May?


Which country’s Mount Nyiragongo erupted after almost decades on 22nd May 2021?


UNESCO accepted the tentative list of which state’s 14 forts to get World Heritage Site tag?


Who will receive the International ENI Award 2020?

C.N.R. Rao

International Day of Action for Women’s Health Day” is observed on which date?

28 May

Which Bank has collaborated with NTPC to link it’s ‘Pockets’ digital wallet to the UPI?


TRIFED partnership with which to implement the Van Dhan Yojana?

NITI Aayog

Who launches SeHAT OPD portal?

Rajnath Singh

Which State CM launches the MHIM Mobile application?


When is World Hunger day Celebrated?

28 May

The International Finance Services centres Authority has constituted an expert committee on Investment funds. Who is the Chairperson of this committee?

Nilesh Shah

Which hospital will roll out Sputnik-V COVID vaccine at Rs 1,195?


Gol has approved financial assistance to how many journalists who died due to COVID-19?

67 Families

Recently, Who has been elected as the President of Syria?

Bashar AL-Assad

Who has become the first female president of the world’s largest Museum in France, ‘The Louvre’?

Laurence Des Cars

UN Bodies has  set up which panel  to advise on ‘Animal Disease Risk’?

One Health

Who has won the Rudolf Schindler Award for 2021?

D Nageshwar Reddy

What is the price of DRDO’s anti Covid-19 drug, ‘2-DG’?

Rs. 990

Who has become the first Indian Actor to get ‘UAE’s Golden Visa’?

Sanjay Dutt

We have observed which Birth Anniversary of “V. D. Savarkar” this year?


Who is the author of Book “The Spiritual CEO“?

S Prakash

On which day, World Menstrual Hygiene day is observed?

28 May

Which country has recently passed the “Port City Bill”?

Sri Lanka

Recently, which country will ‘Herone Long Endurance Drone’ be imported into India?


India’s 1st City Wide Environmental Surveillance platform launched in which state?


Who Launches ACCR portal and 3rd Version of Ayush Sanjeevani App?

AYUSH Ministry

Who develops Isothermal Forging Technology for Aero Engines?


Menstrual Hygiene Day is observed on which date?

28 May

India’s First Home Covid Test Kit By which lab?

MyLab Discovery Solutions

Who launches 60 more Starlink satellites into Orbit?


How many Indian Peacekeepers to be honoured with UN’s prestigious medal?


India Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) to be renamed _______ ?


“HOPCOMES Online” started in which state?


The Central government will borrow how much amount of  rupees in FY22 to compensate states for loss of revenue from GST?

Rs 1.58 trillion

Which Bank has been imposed a Rs 10 crore fine by RBI?


Who is the author of Book titled “Languages of Truth: Essays 2003-2020”?

Salman Rushdie

Which country has recently provided a $200 million currency Swap facility for Sri Lanka?


Who has been appointed as the next Ambassador of India to the Republic of Chile?

Subrata Bhattacharjee

Which shipyard has constructed the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) ‘Sajag’?

Goa Shipyard

Who has acquired the rights to trademarks of 3 Diabetes Drug Brands in India from AstraZeneca?

Sun Pharma

International Everest Day is celebrated on which day?

May 29

Who has become the first Indian actor to receive UAE “Golden Visa”?

Sanjay Dutt

Who has entered into a partnership with Attero for recycling lithium-ion batteries of electric vehicles (EVs)?

MG Motor India

The 74th World Assembly declared which day as “World Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) Day”?

January 30

Name the Freedom Fighter and citizen activist from Karnataka who passed away recently?

H.S. Doreswamy

Which Indian company has been listed in the UK’s Top 25 firms?


Who has become the first Indian woman to be appointed as the President of “International Narcotics Control Board

Jagjeet Pavadia

DGCA extended suspension of international passenger flights till which date while COVID pandemic?

30 June

Recently, UNEP has removed whom from the post of ambassador of Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals?

Randeep Hudda

Recently, “Saint Gobain” has invested Rs. 1200 crore in which state?


The BCCI announced that IPL 2021 will be resumed in which country?


Recently, which bank has announced a grant of Rs 100 crore for Covid relief?


Who has won the “Belgrade Open title 2021”?

Novak Djokovic

Recently, Gol has launched the ‘YUVA’ scheme for whom?


India is launching which Tech Platform for ‘UN Department of Peacekeeping’?

Unite Aware

Appointments Committee of the Cabinet, has given a how many year’s service extension to Samanta Goel & Arvind Kumar?

One Year

Who has become the first female Army secretary of the US?

Christine Wormuth

Recently, ‘Indian Broadcasting Foundation’ has been renamed as ________ ?

Indian Broadcasting and Digital Foundation

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has formed a committee to investigate ‘Mekedatu Dam’ construction violation on which river?

Cauvery River

Which IIT has developed a ‘FakeBusters’ detective tool while video conferencing?

IIT Ropar

Which Woman has broken all records for fastest Ascent of Everest?

Tsang Yin Hung

Which state government has launched ‘Akanksha Portal’ recently?


Recently, who has been appointed as the New Commerce Secretary?

B V R Subrahmanyan

Which Football club has won ‘UEFA Champion League 2020-21’?

Chelsea FC

Which state has celebrated its statehood day on 30 May?


Which state government has launched ‘Mukhyamantari Bal Seva Yojana’?

Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh

World No Tobacco Day is observed on which date?

31 May

Recently, who has been appointed as the General of NIA?

Kuldeep Singh

International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers is observed every year on ?

29 May

‘Sach Kahun toh’ is the autobiography of  ______ ?

Neena Gupta

Recently, which state government has launched ‘Bal Sahayata Yojana’?


Tata Digital buys ____ stake in BigBasket?


Who has won the Grand Jury Award for Best Feature Film at 19 edition of the Indian Festival of Los Angeles?


What is the Theme of ‘World No Tobacco Day 2021’?

Commit to Quit

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