India-Maldives Relations

In this article, I will discuss about India-Maldives relations. This information can be really useful for competitive exams like UPSC and others.

India’s Concerns about Maldives

  • India Out campaign by Abdulla Yameen against India’s huge developmental funding
  • Turmoil in Maldives Political Leadership

Geostrategic Significance of Maldives for India

  • Maldives located on two sea lanes of communication(SLOC)
  • Maritime trade flow between Gulf of Aden and Gulf of Hormuz

China Factor between India-Maldives Relation

  • Rising Chinese presence around Maldives
  • Maldives signed FTA(Foreign Trade Agreement) with China
  • Chinese acquisition of large amount of land in Maldives and other investments which China is making into Maldives

Bilateral Ties between India-Maldives

  • Both India and Maldives are founding members of SAARC and South Asian Economic Union
  • Both India and Maldives are also signatories of South Asia Free Trade Agreement
  • Maldives is an important security partner of India as it helps India for maintaining security in Indian Ocean Region

Defence Cooperation between India-Maldives

  • Ekuverin an Indo-Maldives joint military exercise
  • India’s consistent aim to promote an ever expanding area of peace and stability around Maldives

India’s Assistance to Maldives

  • 1988 Operation Cactus – For restoring legitimate leadership in Maldives
  • In 2004 Tsunami which struck Maldives, India provided huge assistance
  • In 2020 COVID-19 turmoil – India provided huge aid to Maldives

India’s Policy for Maldives

Strategic significance under India’s “Neighbourhood First Policy” due to its location in India Ocean

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