300 Words Essay on “Self-Help”

In this country(India), it seems to be the habit to expect the Government to do everything. Government must encourage industry, develop agriculture, develop trade, organize and pay for education, supply and maintain hospitals and dispensaries.

It was the Government that built the Indian railways and the great irrigation canals. And, whereas in Germany, it was a pox man who started the co-operative credit banks, which were worked by the people themselves, in India, in the absence of any private philanthropist, the Government had to shoulder the burden of starting and supervising the co-operative credit societies.

Now in England, all these activities have been entirely carried on by private enterprise, without government help.

England’s great industries (such as cotton, wool, iron and steel. coal-mining, shipbuilding, etc.), and it’s worldwide commerce, have all been built up by the capital, industry, and enterprise of private citizens. There is not a government railway in England, all belong to private companies.

The great hospitals are supported by public subscriptions and managed by voluntary committees. And up to fifty years ago, all the education of the country was given in private schools and colleges and even now, a large number of the educational institutions are private.

The English people themselves, without government help or guidance, have made England the rich and powerful and the advanced country it is to-day.

No nation can advance far unless its citizens have the qualities of energy and enterprise, and the virtues of self-reliance, honesty, industry, perseverance, and moral courage.

Men of this stamp help themselves.

They don’t wait until somebody comes along and carries them. They walk on their own feet, and so hold their heads up, independent and self-reliant. They are in the best sense of the terms, self-made men.

And God helps those who help themselves.

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