486 Words Essay on “Annual Day in School”

Every year, I wait for the day when the Principal announces the date of the Annual Day of the school. As soon as it was announced in the assembly, children walked to the classes with a lot of anxiety and excitement.

It was a few weeks away, but we had already started discussing it. The teacher came to the class and told us about the programmes that would be organised on the Annual Day. She asked students who wanted to participate in the programmes to give their names to the representatives.

Most of us decided to take part in the dance show. The planning for various programs like drama, dance, chorus, etc., had started. We were all enthusiastic about the annual day.

I was thinking about it all day long in school and even told my mother about it when I reached home. The next day, the song for the dance show was decided and practice for the same began soon. It was fun.

We were not concentrating much on studies. As the day was coming closer, the excitement was increasing too.
The costumes and props for the dance show were bought a few days before the Annual Day. They were beautiful. The invitation cards from the school were sent to the parents.

The preparations were in full swing. Finally, it was the ‘Annual Day’.

That day, the school was decorated beautifully. All the participants were dressed up in their fancy costumes with make-up on. The other students volunteered to look after the arrangements.

The function started on time when all the parents were seated in the auditorium. Usually, in Indian schools, functions start with “Ganesh Vandana” and “Saraswati Vandana“. It was sung well by children.

The chief guest was also invited who gave a long speech. The cultural program started after the speech. I was waiting for my dance performance. When it was announced, we walked onto the stage and took our positions. The music was played and the performance began. It went off nicely. Everybody applauded our show. After the show, I sat among the audience and watched the other programmes.

Parents and children both were clapping after every item presentation by students. The whole function had a variety of programmes which was liked by everyone. It happened with great pomp and show. The play was interesting and the children acted very well.

In the cultural programme, there was a Rajasthani folk dance that was the most popular. Marathi Lavni, Gujrati Garba, Kathak and Bharatilaiyani were liked too. Children also showed their talents in vocal and instrumental music.

The whole program showed the culture and tradition of India. The program ended with the National Anthem. By this time the children were tired. The next day was declared a holiday.

With great enthusiasm, the program ended and so was the fun. It was time to concentrate on studies and wait for the next annual day.

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