“A Soldier” Essay For Students

A soldier is a person who protects our country from enemies. He is courageous enough to fight and face all kinds of dangers and difficulties. A soldier is a fighter. He loves his country and is ever ready to sacrifice his life when needed.

In India, a soldier is called “Jawan” and he is the backbone of the army. He leads a hard and tough life. Soldiers are mostly seen dressed in their uniforms, with a helmet and a gun in hand. Soldiers are healthy, strong, and active people.

A soldier may either belong to the army, navy or airforce. He has to undergo a tough training program to become a soldier. Soldiers are well trained for any situation they might have to face while protecting the country. The sole purpose of a soldier is to protect our county from internal and external enemies and fight for the nation.

The tough training of soldiers makes them even stronger. During the training, they begin their day early in the morning with exercises for long hours. They are well trained to use different kinds of weapons that are used during the war such as guns, missiles. They are also trained to fly aircraft, climb mountains and swim in the high seas. They are taught to survive in the toughest conditions.

A soldier has to be on duty for long hours. He has to live in tents and camps in extreme weather conditions. He lives away from his family and hardly gets to meet them once or twice a year.

Most of the time a soldier lives on the borders of our country. It may be jungles, mountains, near rivers, or on the seas. Sometimes, he has to survive without proper food for days. He is always on duty and keeps an eye on the enemies.

In times of war, he has to be on duty without break. There are high chances that he might end up injuring himself badly. Sometimes, a soldier might get bullet injuries, lose his limbs, or even die. Nevertheless, he is always a brave man and fights for his country and its people. He is ready to sacrifice his life for the safety of his motherland.

We lead a protected life without any threat because of the hard work the soldiers put in. We should always be thankful to our soldiers for protecting our lives. We should respect them and feel proud of them. A true soldier joins the army not just to earn his livelihood but for the love for his motherland. We must salute their fighting spirit.

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