Birthday Party Essay

During the lunch break in school, Riya distributed her birthday party invitation cards to all her classmates. It was her eighth birthday. The children were all excited about her birthday party which was the next day. They started planning a beautiful gift for her. On her birthday, they reached her house at 4’o clock in the evening. The children were all dressed in their best clothes.

The house had been decorated beautifully for the birthday party. There were bunches of balloons hanging all over – on the walls, doors and windows. The flower vases were full of fresh flowers. The children could hear birthday songs being played loud on the music systems. Riya and her parents received them warmly.

Riya was dressed up nicely, which was making her look special. The children wished her ‘Happy Birthday’.

The fun begin when Riya’s father gave them birthday caps and masks to wear. The children looked quite funny in those caps and masks but they were having great time. While her mother brought some refreshments for all of them, her father kept them engaged in games which he had planned beforehand.

They started with ‘passing the parcel,’ and everybody enjoyed it. The next game was ‘show your talent‘ wherein the children performed dance, sang songs, recited poems, and cracked jokes. They also played other games like “Musical Chairs” and “Treasure Hunt.” The winners were awarded with prizes. The children had a good time together.

It was then time for the big moment. Riya’s mother brought a big cake. It was beautifully decorated with pink and white icing. Eight colorful candles sat in the middle of the cake. The children sang ‘Happy Birthday‘ to Riya after which she blew the candles and cut the cake. The children clapped their hands and gave her gifts that they had brought for her. She was happy to receive them and thanked everybody.

The children helped themselves to slices of the delicious cake and some snacks, juices.

Finally, at about six in the evening, the party came to an end. The children were all tired but happy. Riya’s parents gave them return gifts.

The children thanked them for the wonderful gifts and the lovely time that they had spent at the party. Riya was very happy with the celebration. She thanked all her friends and bade them goodbye. It was a memorable birthday party..

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