“Christmas” Essay

Christmas is a festival celebrated enthusiastically all over the world. This is celebrated on 25th December every year.

Jesus Christ was born on this day. Christmas is mainly the festival of Christians. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the world. Christmas is the festival of fun, happiness, and delight On Christmas, people decorate their houses with flowers, lamps, stars, etc.

They also put the Christmas tree, It is a big charm for everyone to decorate it with the bulbs, dazzling paper stars, glitters, and gifts. These are all hanged on the Christmas tree. Christmas pudding and many types of cakes are prepared for Christmas. This adds to the festive mood.

People exchange gifts, chocolates, and cakes with each other. Specifically for children, it is a special day as they wait for Santa Claus or the Father Christmas.

Santa Claus is believed to come and distribute attractive gifts to children. Children sing and dance waiting for him. Santa Claus is dressed in rad and white, with a long white beard and with a bag full of gifts for children.

Preparation of Christmas begins much before the day itself. As Christmas is celebrated world wide, preparation and zest can be seen in the whole world. It’s a holiday on Christmas all over the world.

On the day of Christmas all, people wear new clothes, go to the church, and attend special services. They pray to God for a better life ahead. In church people, sing songs and prayers.

This is the festival of feasting, joy, and fun. People exchange wishes and gifts with one another happily. Christians decorate and light up their houses, shops, churches, offices, etc. Schools are also decorated nicely with colorful papers, shining stars, gifts, and a Christmas tree. It is a joy for children to decorate their classes too.

It is a public holiday all over the world on Christmas. People go back to their homes to meet their families. People enjoy the time as it is a very big festival for them.

When the night ends, they pray to God for forgiving their sins. This festival is celebrated all over the world. Not only by the Christians but others communities too participate in the fun with them.

Christmas celebrations are getting very popular in all over the world amongst all the communities.

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