“Union is Strength” Essay For Students

The best illustration of this saying is the familiar fable of Aesop. An old man, being distressed by the constant quarreling between his sons, one day called them to him and showed them a bundle of sticks tied together, and asked if any of them was strong enough to break them.

First one, and then another tried; but although they were all strong young men, they all faded. He then untied the bundle and told them to break each stick separately. This they did easily, and all the sucks were soon broken into pieces. Thus he taught them that united they would, be strong, but disunited they would always be weak.

The same lesson can be learned from the organisation of an army, or a football team. The strength of a regiment consists in all the soldiers acting together as one man. This is the secret of the constant drilling on the parade ground, and army discipline.

If a thousand men go into battle who have never learned to act together, each man fighting as and when he likes, they will be defeated with ease by a disciplined and united army of only a hundred strong. One of Napoleon’s favorite maxims was, “Divide and conquer.

If he could divide the enemy’s army up, and take one part at a time, he could conquer it piecemeal; or he could subdue a whole nation by fomenting discord among its different classes, and breaking it up into warring factions.

In the same way, the success of a football team in a match depends very much on their teamwork; that is, the way the members work together and cooperate with each other. A team composed of comparatively weak individual players, but well organized and playing heartily together, has often defeated an ill-organized team composed of much better players.

In all departments of life, union, or cooperation, is strength; disunion is weakness. A united nation, a united community, a united family, a united society of any sort, is strong; but disunited, quarreling, split up into factions, they are all weak.

United they stand; disunited they fall. Their motto must be, “One heart, one way.”

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