“Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way” Essay

Where there’s a will, there’s a way“; that is, when we are determined to do a thing, however difficult it may be, and even apparently impossible, we shall find a way to do it.

The real reason why we do not try to do certain things or fail to do them when we try is often that we do not really want to do them; or, if we really want a thing, our desire for it is feeble.

When we do not really want to do it, we set to work to find excuses and make mountains out of molehills. Every difficulty is exaggerated, and we so fill our minds with the obstacles in the way, that we think it is impossible to attainment.

Our desire is like a thin, feeble stream of water that is turned aside or blocked by every small obstacle. But a rushing torrent simply sweeps rocks and trees and banks out of its way and forces itself through or over every obstruction.

In the same way, a fierce desire, and a strong determination, will make light of difficulties and will discover the way to success. Take the story of Pallissy, the French potter in the 17th century. He made up his mind to discover a pure white glaze for China. He was a poor man, and had but little education; but for twenty years he worked at his task, trying hundreds of experiments and failing in all.

But he never gave in. His wife and neighbors called him a lunatic. At last, to get wood to feed his furnace in the final experiment, he burnt up all the furniture in his house. But he succeeded in the end and became a famous man.

He had the will, and he found the way. Many a man who became famous as a scholar, artist or businessman, had a similar struggle against apparently insuperable obstacles. But their determination to succeed brought them success.

Napoleon said the word “impossible” was not found in his dictionary.

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