World Environment Day Essay

What is Environment?

Before knowing about Environment Day, we should know that what is Environment? So friends, whatever is present around us is a part of the environment. We humans, animals, birds, trees and plants are also part of the environment itself.

In pure language, the environment is made up of trees, plants, climate, soil, air, water, forest, land, rivers and mountains, and the environment is directly related to our daily life. Due to the continuous changes in the environment, changes are seen in human life from time to time.

Why is the environment in danger?

Due to the ever-increasing pollution in the environment, today the situation has become very pathetic. Due to this pollution, the temperature of our earth is increasing continuously, due to which glaciers are melting continuously and causing trouble.

Trees and plants are being cut continuously for some reason or the other, due to which the amount of oxygen on our earth has become very less. In fact, this is the reason that after causing so much damage to the pure environment, today all of us humans have to die due to lack of oxygen during the corona period.

Why is it important to save the environment?

Human’s misbehaviour towards nature and environment such as killing of cow, eating meat, cutting of trees, spreading uncleanliness, not planting trees, throwing garbage in the open, polluting water, using plastic things. Today the environment has become completely polluted. The result of all these abuses is forest fires, glaciers melting, spreading of various diseases, increasing levels of air pollution and unexpected volcanic eruptions.

We should not forget at all that we are also a part of this environment, if the environment is polluted, then its effect will be directly on us and the day is not far when all our lives will end, so it is very much important for us as Humanity to save the environment. It is necessary otherwise the result will be very disastrous.

Beginning of Environment Day

Environment Day was started by the United Nations Assembly in the year 1972, in which currently more than 100 countries participate, they spread awareness about Environment amongst people and encourage people to take steps for saving the Environment.

It was decided in the year 1973 to celebrate Environment Day every year. Every year a team is selected for Environment Day and accordingly the program is organized by the United Nations Assembly. The first Environment Day was celebrated on 5 June 1973.

What do we do on World Environment Day?

The main objective of World Environment Day is to create a clean and successful environment by stopping the exploitation of the environment. For this, on the day of Environment Day, people unite and take a pledge to solve their major environmental problems and increase awareness and encourage people towards the environment conservation.

In order to fill the life and future with beautiful colors, it is very important to keep this environment clean. So for this international organizations from all over the world come together and discuss the problems.

Various programs are organised in schools, colleges and offices on Environment Day for increasing enthusiasm among the people towards the environment. People are encouraged to take up simple tasks like planting excessive trees and cleaning.

Activities to be organized on World Environment Day

Various activities are organized on World Environment Day. Among these, essay writing, speech, drama, paragraph writing are prominent. In schools, Children are encouraged to making drawings/paintings showing Environment importance in the life of Humans on the Earth.

Along with this, competitions related to the environment, street rallies, painting competitions, recycling initiatives, question and answer programs on how to save the environment are mainly organised.

Ways to save the environment

  • Last more and more trees
  • Try to keep area around your house clean
  • Avoid use of plastic, if not necessarily needed
  • Try to use public transport rather than personal vehicle, if possible
  • Don’t through garbage into the rivers
  • Use different technologies for conservation of environment

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