Article 315 of the Indian Constitution

Article 315 of the Indian Constitution contains details about – Public Service Commissions for the Union and for the State.

Following are key points which are mentioned in the 315 article of Indian Constitution

  • Subject to the provisions of this article, there shall be a Public Service Commission for the Union and a Public Service Commission for each State.
  • Two or more States may agree that there shall be one Public Service Commission for that group of States, and if a resolution to that effect is passed by the House or, where there are two Houses, by each House of the Legislature of each of those States, Parliament may by law provide for the appointment of a Joint State Public Service Commission to serve the needs of those States.
  • Any such law as aforesaid may contain such incidental and consequential provisions as may be necessary or desirable for giving effect to the purpose of the law.
  • The Public Service Commission for the Union, if requested so to do by the Governor of a State, may, with the approval of the President, agree to serve all or any of the needs of the State.
  • References in this constitution to the Union Public Service Commission or a State Service Commission shall, unless the context otherwise require, be constructed as references to the Commission serving the needs of the Union or, as the case may be, the State as respects the particular matter in question.

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