Find dimensions of Magnetic Field B

Formula for magnetic field B

B = F/qv
B = Magnetic Field
q = Charge
v = Velocity

Dimensions of B = Dimensions of F/Dimensions of qv
= [F]/[qv] = [F]/[q][v]

[F] = [MLT-2]
[q] = [TI]
[v] = [LT-1]

⇒ Dimensions of B = [F]/[q][v]

= [MLT-2]/[TI][LT-1]

= [MLT-2][TI]-1[LT-1]-1

= [MLT-2][T-1I-1][L-1T]

= [MLT-2I-1]

Thus dimensions of magnetic field B are [MLT-2I-1]

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