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In an area with annual rainfall of more than 200 cm and sloping hills which crop will be ideal?

An area with annual rainfall of more than 200 cm and sloping hills will be ideal for tea plantation.

Which soil needs little irrigation as it retains soil moisture?

Black Soil is suitable for Cotton and Groundnuts.

Monoculture is a distinct characteristic of which type of farming?

Commercial Grain Farming

Which of following crops are grown mostly under subsistence farming?

  • Millets and Rice
  • Cotton and Tobacco
  • Tea and Coffee
  • Vegetables and Fruits

Millets and Rice are grown mostly under subsistence farming.

Some details about Subsistence Farming are as follows: –
• Subsistence farming is self-sufficiency farming in which farmers focus on growing enough food to feed themselves and their families.
• A typical Subsistence Farm has a range of crops and animals needed by the family just to feed and clothe themselves during the year.

Dapog method of rice nursery was developed in which country?

Dapog method of rice nursery was developed in Philippines.

Some details about Dapog method of rice nursery are as follows: –
• Dapog nursery is constructed for raising of seedlings without any soil.
• Rice seeds contain sufficient food in the Endosperm to permit young seedling to grow for up to 14 days without receiving any outside nutrients except air, water, sunlight.

Which crop is afflicted by disease called Red Rot?

Red Rot disease is caused by fungus and sugarcane is the crop which it afflict.

Explain what is Subsistence Farming?

Subsistence farming is a form of farming in which nearly all of the crops or livestock raised are used to maintain the farmer and the farmer’s family. Preindustrial agricultural people throughout the world have traditionally practiced subsistence farming. Some of these people moved from site to site as they exhausted the soil at one location. But as urban centres grew, agricultural production became more specialized and commercial farming developed, with farmers producing a sizeable amount of certain crops, which they traded for manufactured goods or sold for cash in different markets.

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