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Which one of the Indian State/Union Territories is having lowest sex ratio in 2011?

Daman and Diu have lowest sex ratio in India which is just 618 females per 1000 males, as per Population Census of 2011.

Name Indian state where density of population is lowest?

Kerala have highest literacy rate in India which is 93.9%

What’s percentage of literacy in India, as per 2011 Population Census data?

Percentage of Literacy in India was 74.04% as per census 2011.

What is Population Dividend?

Population Dividend or Demographic Dividend refers to a period usually 20 to 30 years where fertility rates fall due to significant reductions in child and infant mortality rates. It occurs when proportion of working people in the total population is high because this indicates that more people have potential to be productive and contribute to growth of the economy.

Name two Indian Tribes which practice Polyandry?

Jaunsaris and Todas tribes practice Polyandry.

Name the largest tribal group of India?


As per provisional figures of 2011 census of India, which one of the following states has highest child sex ratio?

Chhattisgarh is the Indian state which have highest child sex ratio, which is 960.

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